How long is training at Sonic

applicants should be able to work as a team, maintain a confident attitude, possess basic math abilities, and have scheduling flexibility. it is possible for management to hire directly on the spot, or within a few days of the meeting. sonic employee: i went there and i just had a quick, five to 10-minute interview with the managers, and i pretty much got hired on the spot. sonic employee: it’s definitely a good job experience, because it teaches you to multi-task, to stay focused, to be able to juggle a bunch of different things at once, especially if you’re working in the kitchen. but i’m trying to support myself now, so if i were to do the same job and not get any more than five or 10 hours a week, it wouldn’t be the best idea for me. sonic drive-in car hop: when i applied at sonic drive-in, they were a new company and had yet to open.

i started initially on the grill and i got moved up to a carhop because of, as i said, showing up for work and doing my job and doing it well. you can be casual, i’ve worked at two sonics, the first i wore shorts and a tank top, a cute necklace, and was casual day with the makeup. when it comes to the different time periods- morning to daytime is more calm, usually you get a few regulars (it depends on the location- as in, on a busy street or near a school… teachers love sonic) and for the most part are maintaining the site and getting prepared for happy hour. but at the second, i was allowed as much refills on a medium cup as i wanted for free, and 25% off on food/ice cream. is it hard to get the job? ive been looking to get a job for almost 4 months now and i always wanted to work at sonic. i think the main reason i got hired was because of a referral of a worker there.

training and reference manual for sonic drive-in. ice-cream sundaes. bagging foot-long coneys. what job training benefit do sonic employees get? sonic job training, reported anonymously by sonic employees. take a look at the possible sonic career progression. and training at sonic is as fun as it gets. each year, how to get a job at sonic, how long is sonic 2020, how long is sonic 2020. 2-3 weeks depending on scheduling and the spped of catching on. training time depends all on the person at sonic. some people take linger to learn how to use the switchboard and count change back or any other steps it takes to become a carhop. my training took a full 3 days.

i honestly feel like this a pretty short list, because working at sonic is pretty hard. so long as you work at a corporate store anyway. veronica gail hardy, former general manager in training at sonic on the job training is the first step of the hiring process at sonic drive-in. the company provides a uniform and dress read sonic drive-in reviews, including information from current and former employees on salaries, benefits, and more.,

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