How much do Pam truck drivers make

the pay is nothing they start at .23cpm if your a team then you go up to .24cpm if your solo it’s like .35cpm and after a year you go up to .36cpm. for one.. they will run you like a dog and not pay you for it. but if you’re like 99% of the other people on this site that like to be paid for there work and you have bills to pay. i’ve been here for 1.5 years and am comfortable with this company…. the pay is low, but the miles are decent enough to compensate. if you are on a dedicated, they will also provide indiana, ohio, and oklahoma toll passes if your run proves to be shorter using the toll roads. then for every one year after, up to 5 years, you get a diamond put in that ring. further, at the end of this period, i understood that i would be teamed with a more experienced driver to get additional experience. or the worth as to what they have paid will be worthless and i will make no further effort to pay for something that was not of any value since i can not use the cdl because i was not trained adequately. in short, do not take any chances jacknifing the vehicle if you don’t have to and sometimes backing up to your blind side can be better than u-turn jacknifing. was talking bout “would you be alright if i put a dent in your car and brought it back to you” and a whole bunch of other *#% you don’t want to know about.

if you are just starting with pam let me offer you some hints and tips to make some better money and maybe avoid a few of the land mines that i stepped on. when problems arrive and you dont have a record of the evidences and times, you will be left holding the bag. take logical issues to him and he will solve it on the other side for you. you do not have to drive/live with a pig a thug or an ignoramus, call your dm, explain the conditions and you will be pulled away and given another team member. it broke loose on a few jumps in the pavement and that 800 pound swing stage jumped off the truck and on to the highway with other equipment. not always the tasty alternative, but in a year when you are 60 pounds thinner (like me) your time with pam will be a good memory and not a trip to the doctor to find out how to lose the 35 pounds you gained. i kept my word for a year and the new company knows that i will do what i say. i had driven trucks before, but had been out of it a few years and had to start all over. i had to be awake at every stop and watch the back in. next i was offered a job making trips from the irving yard down to the buda yard just below austin and back.

this job or any truck job is like selling your own soul to the devil for no money. did team driving for 3 months and after pam took their share of the pie, i was left good start out company not much pay pam truck driver pay. earn up to $60,000 first year! student drivers who complete the driver solutions cdl training program and go to work for pam transport can earn up to $60,000 in the first year. the average salary for drivers at pam transport is $42,699 per year., pam transport, pam transport, pam transport pay, pam transport layoffs, pam transport lease purchase reviews. the average pam transport salary ranges from approximately $26,000 per year for driver to $50,000 per year for entry level truck driver.

160 pam transport reviews. “my driver manager is excellent good equipment mostly drop and hook” (in 5 reviews) 48 states, usually get 500+ miles per run, good trucks, and great service at how much will i be drivers can earn up to with pam’s recent pay upgrades, student truck drivers who on board with pam in this way can earn more, pam transport payroll, driver solutions, pam transport mentor pay, pam international trucking

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