Is CSX a good job

it was a good company to work for until the new ceo took over company. cut a lot of jobs and closed down a lot of yards. the pros of the job have been largely around the opportunity for young developers to get their hands on the keyboard. “the pay scale for a csx track inspector is agreed upon by the company and the union. $1 shift differential and a continuity bonus of up to $3000 yearly after the 3rd year. “ok. so lets get this straight so many of you make csx sound so good. many in management have come out of the union ranks and as soon as they do they have to start acting like jerks to you when before they were decent people. csx is the most unpersonable non-family company you will ever work for. one of the first roadmasters i ever worked for will cut you down, make fun of you, call you all manner of things, even mock your religious beliefs and or religious positions in the church for which you attend and he is still working for csx!!!!

you are a means to an end. everything is gps, tablets, cell phones, trucks, even the credit cards. “i worked there a short time and enjoyed the experience. “everyone watches out for themselves. due to the industry focus on reportable operations and safety statistics front line managers are always on edge and in fear of losing their jobs. “the work did not match the job description.the job description was a project manager role, but i was being an adminstrative assistant to a senior manager.” “working for a employer that did not want you to move up and learned different jobs in the company. “management need not assumed that a person is sleeping on a job but may have a medical condition. remember that safety is always a priority and if you are not safe this job will kill you.”

if you are considering a job at any railroad please talk to someone who works there, the old days of it being a good job are long gone. pros. pay. cons. work life balance, everything. was this review great pay, benefits and retirement. cons. this is not just a job its a lifestyle not your normal 9-5. csx “great place to work, nice money to make, great guys to work with, sweet job.” posted 10 years ago. csx transportation, csx jobs, csx jobs, csx pay scale, csx salary, csx rumors 2019. csx is a family oriented with many possibilities. great job to work for with great benefits. training available for all positions, room for advancement. pay is good but not worth it if you have a family or any type of home life.

great compapny to work for, it offers good benefits that suits employee and their families to helpout with next level of. 4.4. looking for a rewarding career with a leading company? learn more about available railroad jobs with csx and take i also say that acknowledging that it’s the best job i’ve ever had with the greatest benefits, but it’s a crapshoot to know, csx conductor salary, csx track worker review, csx cutting jobs, csx machinist salary

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