Is Phat good for beginners

since i’ve successfully done a 5×5 template before i feel like i’m comfortable with the compound lifts and might be able to take on a power-building routine this time around, although i could probably use a refresher. i know there are programs like icf and all-pros that are beginner programs for people want to focus more on hypertrophy but they all seem so similar to starting strength’s 5×5 template and i honestly find it kind of boring. would it be a mistake in general to just jump into a split like this with a few years off of any weight lifting? i don’t get it man to be fair, strength and hypertrophy kind of go hand in hand. year after that i started doing the hypertrophy days all 5 days since, like you, strength is not my primary goal. it’s gonna kick your ass for a month or two until you get used to it.

maybe start on 5×5 for a few weeks, hit a push pull legs for a few weeks to build some volume up and then goto phat. now that said if hypertrophy is your main goal then you can still keep a component of strength. i had been lifting for 4 years and even i found phat to be a bit of a tall order. if you self identify as a beginner and want to see great progress then just run a ppl and have fun with it. your pecs and tris are blasted, get a bit of rest on day 7, but suddenly it’s time for upper body power on day 1? at your training and experience level, you’d benefit more from doing some sort of 5×5 or strong lifts program. i think phat is not for you now because: 1. is a very taxing workout ( a lot of volume, a lot of time spent in the gym , not a good match for “a getting back to gym after few years” person ) 2. you say you’re interested in aesthetics and hypertrophy more, but phat has 2/5 days of strength (is a 40% strength workout).

20 votes, 16 comments. good morning, . i’m pretty excited about getting a gym membership this week and running is layne nortons phat routine a good one to start with and exploit some of those noob gains. or will it both phat and phul are not beginner programs. instead of focussing on mixed workout (strength + size) like these, beginners should focus on building strength first. start with a 3 times per week strength training workout like starting strength or stronglift., Is Phat good for beginners, phul, phul, phat vs ppl, phat workout. yes, the phat workout program should work well for a beginner. even though the routine has pretty high volume, a new lifter can still ease into the program by starting with lighter, more manageable weight.

why isn’t high volume good for naturals? high volume is .t. is a routine that beginners should stay away from. phat workout routine + program spreadsheet but 70-80% of a movement’s 1rm is probably a good starting point. exercises, it’s hard to recommend this program for beginners. what’s good for a beginner falls off once you reach the intermediate level. you may need to change up your program to, phat workout variations, phat program review, best phul routine, s.h.u.l workout, strength and hypertrophy training

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