Sample Model Template

Model template is a model sample that show the process and procedure of performing certain actions or tasks. A well drafted model example can help individual or business to develop a proper mindset and logic to do right things.


Model template is a sample document that serves various purpose and objectives. Business and individuals often need to use model to brainstorming and develop things. For example, cost model template can help people know the cost structure of product or service. Revenue model template can help business to know their sources of revenue. Logic model template can help students or academics to develop right logic etc.

There are some free model templates you may download for reference, however, these model templates are for general use and may not suitable for your particular needs. You may use commonly available tools such as Word or Excel to design your own sample Model Template.

Model Template Download

The following free model templates are designed using Microsoft Word, you may customize it based on your own needs.

Frayer Model template is a frayer model worksheet that can help students to organize ideas and key concepts.

Frayer model template download

Logic model template can help person to develop a logic process of evaluating program or project.

Logic Model Template Download

Model Template Format

When developing your sample model template, you may take into account the basic model format. During the process of customization, It is important to consider the model format, model objectives, model style, model layout. When developing your sample Model Template, you may take into account the basic chart format.

  • Model form needs to consider the model style. There is no universal style that can be used to suit all needs. You may choose a chart style based on your specific requirements and situation.
  • Model sample needs to consider the model layout. chart layout is the backbone of your Model Template, you need to include all key elements in your chart.
  • Model example needs to consider the model design. When using software such as Word or Excel, you need to consider the margin, font size, the background of the template.

Types of model Template

There are many types of template for personal and business use, for example, frayer model template,logic model template,revenue model template,business model template .

logic model template is a logic model sample that shows logic model format, logic model layout and logic model outline in the logic model example.

revenue model template is a revenue model sample that shows revenue model format, revenue model outline and revenue model layout in the revenue model example.

business model template is a business model sample that shows business model format, business model layout and business model outline in the business model example.