What is XPT training

xpt water and swimming training programs are where all three central components of xpt—breathe, move, and recover—converge to create a unique fitness experience. within this course, we specify and outline specific physiological adaptations that arise from an xpt swimming training program. water, as a stimulus, challenges your body in a new way, forcing you to adapt. the power of the mind to influence the physical body is astounding and well documented in scientific literature. there are many mental practices that have massive carry over to physical and cognitive performance.

xpt pool training offers a rare opportunity to be truly in the moment, detached from the noise that distracts us throughout our days. focused breath training is a foundation of the xpt system and underpins many benefits of xpt water training. water density changes the influence of gravity and impact forces are significantly less in the pool. in our experience, athletes recovering from injuries have been able to perform movements underwater that they are not yet able to do on land, allowing them to work certain muscles that they were not able to utilize, and tax the body in previously inaccessible ways. as the water unloads a lot of the impact forces coming down during jumping and other underwater movements, most pool exercises are easier on the joints and safer than similar land-based exercises.

challenge yourself with cutting-edge fitness through our breathe, move and recover curriculum designed to stimulate xpt – extreme performance training – consists of water workouts, land workouts, and air enhancing xpt, extreme performance training™, is a performance life-style rooted in the most basic yet powerful, xpt training review, xpt training review, xpt training reddit, xpt training near me, xpt training exercises. xpt, extreme performance training\u2122, is a performance lifestyle rooted in the most basic yet powerful human trait: the ability to adapt.

the movement aspect of xpt happens in the pool. by weight training in the water , you get a solid workout with less, laird training, xpt training cost, xpt breathing, xpt certification

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