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i get what i paid for and i paid a fraction of what it is sold for new. one of the males is called the “cowboy” and he is wearing a cowboy hat. the first being that so far, though it is not what i expected, it is a solid and challenging program that i (so far) like . and since he is the one demonstrating the exercise, the idea is you are trying to do what he is doing. update #2: i have now done all of the workouts and found the program as a whole to be a very mixed bag. so that is my evaluation of the program as a whole. one mma fighter in this one actually had pretty good form but everyone is on a different tempo and the women hardly seem to be exerting themselves most of the time. the warm up is a bit longer than usual and he spends all of the time warming up your lower body. the punches were done with a resistance band under your feet and your hands holding the handles. for this workout you need a resistance band and a mat–you will be on your elbows a lot in plank and even carpet starts to hurt. 24. fighter walk/squat upper: stand on band again; walk to the side then squat and upper cut. there is a trend that stands out in all of these workouts and that is the use of “explosive” moves. 17. warrior push up (go to warrior pose and immediately drop down, hands on ground and front foot goes back to join the back one so you are in plank, do a push up, bring foot forward again and come back up to warrior then to standing). it’s not a bad one; it does get the job done and it works your glutes in a new ways. 4. bring band down so it is over the tops of the feet and you are standing on it. 12. get into side plank holding band under the palm of your floor hand and with the other hand doing tricep extensions to the sky. due to that (and the fact it is a yoga workout), i am not going to break this workout down move by move as i do the other workouts in the program.

this is the 3rd full tapout xt workout i’ve done and i finally got more of what i was expecting from this program. 6. spider sprawl (start in narrow plank and walk out to the side into wide plank and do a push up; do this move side to side). 24. dive bombs (same as #1 but you “pop” (hop) at different parts of the move). except, once again, this workout is so poorly constructed and executed that i will never bother to do it again. 2. single leg tuck ins (in plank, jump one foot in and out while the other is raised). i own a lot of bands of different strengths and in order to get the perfect workout, you need the perfect band for each exercise. so be smart when doing this workout and do band swaps as needed to get the best possible workout. 12. push up and rotate (medium band/fold in half and warp around back, lay on back and do chest presses). 33. killer move: i’s y’s t’s (get lighter band and stand on it; raise arms straight overhead, then overhead but in a “y” then to the side in in “t’”). mike was mildly less irritating (still irritating, but lower key than usual) and did more of the exercises with the crew. for this workout you need the leg band (also called firewalkers) which is a round elastic band and you need a resistance band. 15. snatch front (fold resistance band in half and hold with arms wide; do squats while bringing band from in front of you, overhead to low back; i used a light band for this one). there is a woman in this workout that mike keeps focusing his attention on and her form is horrible. actually, there are two women he does this with–i cannot remember either of their names, but one of them has decent form and the other–i don’t know what she is doing. some of the moves i just cannot do so i modify it . glad i read that one to as i won’t be buying the whole system (i already have hiit and mma boxing of shock cardio so that will be it for me)…. some of the workouts are actually really great workouts but the trainer is so irritating that i haven’t returned to any of them.

amazon.com: tapout xt tv special xt and leg bands/diet plan/workout chart 1 12 dvds and 1 bonus dvd: sports here is what i got with my tapout xt package: 13 workouts + a 5 minute knockout workout (can’t really 15-ago-2013 – getting the most out tapout xt schedules, calendars reviews and workout advice., tapout xt workout schedule, tapout xt workout schedule, tapout xt 3, tapout xt review, tapout xt equipment. share tweet. tapout xt is a high pace and exciting workout inspired by mixed martial arts (mma). tap out xt is taught by trainer mike karpenko, who is joined up by a group of well-known mma fighters who train with you. this systems offers a total body workout that is diverse as it is sweat-inducing.

missing or in need of the tapout xt workout calendar or schedule? look no futher! easily download and print the entire tapout xt workouts. the first month of tapout xt was off the hook. cross core combat and led by mma trainer mike karpenko, the 13 workouts of tapout xt more than live up to the “extreme”, tapout xt website, tapout workout free download, tapout xt cardio, tapout xt 2

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