Whats going on with Ken Roczen

round 12 of the 2020 monster energy supercross season took place in salt lake city and for the first time ever, supercross was held on a wendesday evening. but, he was still one position ahead of championship rival, eli tomac on the opening lap and ken made quick moves to get into 4th by lap five. at this point, everyone expected ken to fight back, but unfortunately, he ran out of steam and wasn’t able to push forward. ken lost a total of 5-points to eli in the championship, but he’s still not out of it. with only 13-points separating the two of them, anything can happen. for example, eli tomac has had many races in seasons prior where he’s been passed early in the race and he never recovered, but then he came out the next weekend and dominated. he sounds defeated right now, but hopefully he’s able to turn his mindset around and continue fighting for the championship this sunday.

i got really sick in november/ december that attacked the respiratory side of my body really bad.it has been going on for a long time and i am not able to get rid of it. i have developed a mild asthma that i was unaware of before but i am not sure if that is the actual issue to be honest. i am always going out to do my best and push my body as hard as i can. obviously i had to let go after just about 8 min into the main, which is obviously not normal. the last thing i want to do is let down the people that believe in me. to go out and win your body has to work in top notch form. other than that i have been feeling pretty good on the bike and am plenty fast enough to win.

ken roczen. 823k likes. the official page of 2-time ama 450 motocross and supercross lites champion ken roczen the latest tweets from ken roczen (@kenroczen94). the official page of 2- time ama 450 motocross champion ken ken roczen laid his cards out for everyone to see. with this open and honest statement from ken, we now know exactly what’s going on and what’s going through his head., ken roczen wife, ken roczen wife, eli tomac, ken roczen instagram, ken roczen injuries. then in 2019, roczen suffered from a mystery illness that left him fatigued for much of the supercross season, which culminated for him in a fourth-place championship finish. the illness truly manifested itself during the outdoor season, with roczen throwing up during the redbud motorcross nationals.

watch: season 4, episode 7 of red bull moto spy go behind the scenes and see what went down as webb ken roczen has released a more detailed account of what is going on. roczen has revealed that he ken roczen 94 the german-born rider returned to racing in 2018 after what would become one of the greatest, ken roczen net worth, ken roczen 2020, ken roczen crash, ken roczen twitter

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