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a chubby girl with a megawatt smile, aditi had no qualms about being on the heavier side until she realized that living life as it comes is not really the right way to live a healthy life, one needs to respect your body, monitor your diet and train your brain to lose weight and stay fit always. i didn’t want to lose weight to just get into pretty clothes or look good, but to feel fit inside. it began when i saw my weight on the weighing scale. i have a friend who walks and exercises every day. she regularly consulted a nutritionist for her diet so i asked her for some basic weight loss and diet tips to begin with. with dieting in mind i thought having juices and salads is the ultimate solution. i started to read more and more about food facts and food science to get a better idea about what was going inside my mouth. i had to teach myself that i must respect my body and have food that will make me feel better. so, the more i ate my body adjusted to it and expanded my appetite, making me binge more and more every day. sometimes i skip that routine and do floor exercises.

i didn’t visit a dietician. did you practive yoga or ayurveda to lose weight?no, i don’t practice yoga. i didn’t have any pills or medicines to lose weight either. it is about understanding how food reacts in your body and eating wisely. tell us about your diet in detail?breakfast: poha/ moong dal ka chila/ oats with dry fruits/ a sandwich with margarine and egg/ 2 parathas.pre workout (optional) – i see to it that i do not go exercising with an empty stomach. fruits/nuts/sprouts/low sugar biscuits.dinner: 2-3 veggie dishes made at home, a fruit and warm milk (thrice or four times a week).is weight loss just about losing fat? tell us about the changes in you and around you once you started to lose inches. since food has a direct relation to how we feel, i am happier and more optimistic now. i now know how to eat right and can’t let that go. i didn’t follow a set diet for a specific period of time.

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