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ananya panday takes a gen-z approach to makeup. “i love being that glamorous girl, dressing up, and getting my pictures clicked,” she told vogue india. but if you need a little extra to wake you up, a nude or white eyeliner in the inner corners and on the lash line can make your eyes look open and bright. “it was my makeup artist stacy gomes who taught me to always use a nude kajal pencil inside my waterline to make my eyes look bigger. “i just love that pink, flushed look,” panday told vogue india. i use it on my cheeks, nose, chin and forehead.” applying blush to the areas that the sun hits, like your forehead, chin and the tip of your nose will give your skin a just-from-vacation glow that you’ll love. i don’t even need a mirror for this routine.” foundation may be the first step in a makeup routine, but if you don’t need full coverage, you can eschew it for a little concealer.

i put concealer under my eyes and all over my face and set it with a loose powder,” said panday. but if you’re using this little coverage, a good skincare routine is key. even if i’m sitting at home, she tells me to put it on. i use a normal face wash and spray rose water onto my face at least twice or thrice a day. back in the day, people used to experiment a lot with different shades,” she said about how she likes to experiment, taking cues from her mother, bhavana pandey. “my mum used to do very bronzy makeup when i was about 12, using golden oil on her body and turquoise liner under her eyes. bold, brushed-up brows are the best addition to your makeup routine. “i constantly need to keep brushing my eyebrows upwards, even if i don’t fill them, because i have reasonably thick brows,” she told vogue india.

the actor has tried every major beauty trend in the last few years, so if pink eyeliner or the wet hair look is on your vision board, you’ll find cues here. “all dressed up to go out and sit in my living room,” shared panday on instagram during the pandemic induced-lockdown. they usually have tapered ends that create angles, which work to soften the jawline and bring attention to your eyes. take cues from panday and try a messy ponytail with wispy layers left out in the front. it makes a statement and turns a simple ponytail, bun or updo into a party-ready ‘do. for contour like hers, apply a cream product underneath the cheekbones and jawline, along the sides of your forehead and nose—and blend till your face looks like a little more chiselled version of yours. to make it work, keep it close to the waterline and pair it with glossy skin and a soft pink lip to let the eye makeup really shine. “i have highlights in my hair but not my eyebrows,” shared panday.

there’s nothing like a rosy blush to look fresh and awake, and nobody does it better than panday. “my go-to makeup look is just an overdose of blush. to cop the same kind of look, use a cream blush and apply it to the apples of the cheeks as well as across your lids for an all-over glow. instead, she’s found a workout routine she loves, for the right reasons. “for me, working out has become more about the way i feel after; the happiness i get from a good session rather than trying to achieve some sort of body goal,” she shared in an interview. panday proves that you don’t need expensive and complicated skincare ingredients to leave your skin and hair healthy. “i have an aloe plant at home and i tried taking the juice out of it, letting it cool in the freezer for a bit, and then putting it in my hair and on my face for 30 minutes. i think aloe vera for the hair and skin is just such an underrated hack,” she shared with vogue india. “there’s a lot of fluff out there, so just find yourself and be real,” she told vogue india.

1) let your beauty routine perk you up 2) try leaving your tendrils out 3) reach for hair accessories when you’re styling your strands 4) use key highlights turmeric and yogurt-based mask fresh rose water for the face aloe vera for instant glow. less is more clearly! ever thought an actress like ananya panday will have such a simple and easy-to-follow beauty routine. all three beauty, ananya pandey age, ananya pandey age, lakme lumi cream, ananya panday, ananya.

applies a lot of moisturizer on her face, and oh, she never skips sunscreen. 3. her absolute go-to face mask for glowing skin is one that you can whip up right now from your kitchen u2013 she makes a homemade face pack by mixing together 1 tbsp of haldi, 1 tbsp of honey, 1 tbsp of yogurt. ananya panday’s beauty tips will help you get glowing skin further information may be found by clicking here 1. she washes her face with a lot she later applies eye cream, sunscreen, and also a dash of rose water to her face. maintaining healthy skin is not that easy; hence she believes, .

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