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en español | when it comes to the insta-trend world of makeup, there’s security and comfort in knowing what really works — and what’s just hype, media and marketing. look in the mirror, raise your chin and sketch along the base of the upper lid in small back-and-forth movements. position the open curler close to the base of the lashes, slowly close and hold for 30 seconds. make the effort to fill, extend and groom them (even if you wear bangs or glasses) because brows are key to facial expression. go one shade warmer or more golden instead of a perfect match to counteract sallow, pasty, ashy skin and to neutralize redness or rosacea.

start at the center of your face and blend foundation outward, fading off toward the jaw and hairline for a seamless application. then fill in the entire mouth with liner as a base to prevent ring-around-the-mouth and lipstick migration into lines. you are leaving and going to the website of our trusted provider. you are leaving and going to the website of our trusted provider. in the meantime, please feel free to search for ways to make a difference in your community at

“skin care is half of the makeup process,” says pro gita bass. deflate your bags with a caffeine-infused eye serum. primer—which goes on after your moisturizer and before foundation—is worth the extra step for a perfect makeup application. this one hydrates skin and adds a bit of glow, says pro genevieve herr. ), switch to a foundation with skin-plumping ingredients like hyaluronic acid for a dewy finish, says pro kate synnott. whether you apply foundation with your fingers or a brush, finish blending it with a damp sponge, says pro gita bass. here’s pro hinako’s trick for covering a blemish: apply concealer, let it set, then apply your foundation as normal. keep the blush, shadow and lipstick sheer so you have a wash of color, says pro quinn murphy. the only blush application technique you need: use a fluffy brush to create a ‘w’ shape across the nose from the high point of one cheekbone to the other, says pro mariela bagnato. when it comes to highlighter, focus on your cheekbones and temples while keeping the front of your cheeks matte, says pro sir john.

whether you choose a vibrant color like actress lili reinhart’s or something more neutral, the trick, says her pro melissa hernandez, is to “relax your eye when building the shape of your wing. hernandez completed the look with a few coats of mascara. applying eyeliner on the water line of the upper eyelid. it’s the easiest way to make your eyes stand out without a lot of eye shadow. then moleski combed the hairs upward and out, and locked in the shape with a clear waterproof product. before you sweep mascara through lashes, twirl the brush a few times at the base to give the roots a major boost, says pro cassandra garcia. pro kelly bellevue created this lacquered look on actress denée benton by layering clear gloss over a richly pigmented liquid lipstick. lip liner can enhance the shape of your lips; and filling them in all over creates a long-lasting base that will keep your lipstick from migrating and maintain the intensity of the color, says pro rebecca restrepo. “this one gives them a gorgeous shine without being too sticky,” says pro lucky bromhead. first, use a powder puff to gently press translucent powder into the skin. then mist a mattifying setting spray on the skin.

it is helpful to start with clean skin and apply a good moisturizer. you also want to use a primer tip #1 for applying foundation like a makeup artist: don’t just use foundation. instead, mix it with your favorite serums, creams, and/or 20 genius makeup hacks that will change your life 1 powder your lashes. makeup hacks powder your lashes 2 apply concealer in a triangle., .

don’t forget to wash your face every night. it’s important to always thoroughly remove all traces of makeup from your face before going to bed. this beauty monochromatic makeup—like the allover peach look actress sadie sink showed off on page 76—is very of-the-moment. keep the blush, shadow and for example, apply concealer *after* foundation so you don’t waste it on places foundation has already covered! get all the details and the, . 21 makeup tips that’ll make your life 100 times easierapply your foundation before concealer. maintain your eyebrows with a spoolie brush. exfoliate your lips before applying lipstick. don’t sleep on blush. melt your pencil liner to help it glide. make your eyeshadow pop with white eyeliner. outline your cat eye.

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