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a goal of this article is get right to the heart of the matter, using jump training to improve the outcomes of speed and power programs in sport, specifically track and field and team sports that involve running and jumping. the research and experience of wise coaches is mixed on how jumping exercises can make one faster. early and high stiffness with the foot contact in front of the center of mass may increase horizontal breaking forces so that propulsive and vertical forces are not enough to increase speed. some of it works and some of it not only fails to work, but is dangerous.

a good rationale is that as the distance increases and the velocity rises, the options should include exercises that try to produce high forces with less ground contact time. for years i have seen amazing and brilliant explanations for what theoretically may help development long term, but with speed development, the details of jump training are just to marginal to be a real gain in performance. the goal of a good design or program of jumping is to minimize the teaching and go directly to athlete revealing their abilities. this podcast here mentions how the difference between people who are fast and efficient and those that are not is 0.2 tenths of a second between a persons ability to strike the ground and decelerate .

boo schexnayder explains how to utilize multijump training progressions to effectively (and safely) maximize your athletes improving elasticity, technique, and reactive strength are many reasons to implement plyometrics into training. boo i have attended workshops from dan pfaff, boo schexnayder, dick booth, randy huntington, dave kerin, and jimmy, boo schexnayder training template, boo schexnayder training template, hurdle hops plyometrics, boo schexnayder hurdles, boo schexnayder triple jump.

plyometric training for sports performance dvd. $42, domestic shipping included. in this dvd, boo schexnayder plyometric training is defined as training that improves the body’s ability to create force using the stretch reflex of muscle eight expert jumps coaches talk about the various way they use plyometric training and progressions in of this as “rudiment work,” while boo schexnayder refers to it as “foot prep or multi-jump circuits.,

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