Keys To a Successful Operating Model Strategy

The business owner of today has many challenges that he faces on a day to day basis to maintain the integrity of the company. The ability to respond to the changing needs of the consumer are models that many business owners are faced with. Creating a successful operating model strategy that will unlock the potential value of the business is a fine line the business owner walks each day.

Operating Model Overview

The economy today is going through a significant …

Models of Calculating Product Pricing

There are several pricing models that a business can use to set their rates. Depending on which one the owner picks, and their ability to predict sales, will have a great impact on how profitable a business will be. Once a strategy has been decided, one of the below strategies can be used to calculate the actual price of an item or service.


Cost-plus pricing

This product pricing formula is relatively easy to calculate as well as all costs are …

Business Model Strategy

A business model is a process and structure that a business follow to create, deliver value to the end users. Many people use business strategy to refers business models, however, the process of business model construction is part of business strategy. Business model development focuses on describing the elements and relationships that outline how a company creates and markets value while business strategy often refers to business tactics such as business execution and implementation.

Business Strategy Building Blocks

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