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korean beauty pioneered ‘cloudless skin’ and the infamous ten-step skincare routin and, japanese beauty is raising the bar when it comes to science-driven formulas and intriguing textures. as for china, it’s home to some of the most ancient beauty rituals with surprising skincare benefits. both methods stem from traditional chinese medicine and are used to stimulate acupoints, restoring the energy flow of the body. “one of the most important aspects of beauty for chinese women is actually face shapes, not how great the makeup looks”, explains yilin wang, founder of chinese skincare brand w=hb2. this could be why facial sculpting methods and lymphatic drainage to decrease puffiness are of such importance in chinese skincare routines. used in cakes, noodles, soups and more, mung beans are not only a big part of the chinese diet, but they’ve also been hailed for helping to soothe acne and other skin ailments like cold sores and rashes.

yilin says “there are different types of tea for different skin concerns”, but the most popular has always been green tea. anti-inflammatory and full of anti-oxidants, sipping this type of herbal tea every day can have a positive effect not only on the skin, but you’re overall wellbeing, too. ), for an exfoliating and hydrating treatment in one. used in traditional chinese medicine since 800 ad, he shou wu is a herbal blend used to help rejuvenate skin, as well as to thicken and lengthen hair. it’s not uncommon in china and korea to use rice water to cleanse skin. natively grown goji berries were introduced to the western world as a superfood in the noughties, but the antioxidant-rich fruit has long been a part of the chinese diet. chinese model liu wen told vogue, “whenever i go back to china, i buy a lot of red dates and goji berries.

after all, a chinese empress may have had poreless porcelain skin thousands of years before serums were invented, and a japanese geisha may have known how to cleanse her glowing complexion without the help of modern foaming cleansers. wei brian is a beauty guru and the mastermind behind wei beauty—a skincare line based on 5000 years of chinese herbal medicine. “bei qi, huang qi, and goji are three herbs often used in traditional chinese medicine for skincare,” brian explains. they might not taste the best (this editor can attest to that, having grown up in a traditional chinese household), but the fact that they’ve been used for thousands of years for glowing skin and a stronger immune system is a testament to that fact that they work. using a jade roller or stone on your face is believed to work the same way as dry brushing your body—by getting your circulation going and helping to detoxify.

“these devices were used to help the body and skin heal itself.” nowadays, you can buy a jade roller easily and re-create this ancient ritual at home. jade has been used for centuries by chinese royalty to rid the body of bad qi, and using a smooth, polished roller on your face is believed to soothe, de-puff, and can even supposedly decrease wrinkles. mung beans, which were ground to a paste and thought to be good for healing acne and de-puffing, brian says. turmeric is the diy mask ingredient of choice for many brides in the middle east, and it turns out chinese women feel the same about this potent orange root; brian says women in ancient china would make turmeric masks to help reduce wrinkles and even their skin tone. goji berries as a potential natural antioxidant medicine: an insight into their molecular mechanisms of action.

1. brightening the complexion 2. rejuvenation of the skin 3. skip dieting and drink tea 4. flawless younger looking skin 5. skin toners 6. facial massages. 1. skin rejuvenation: 2. younger looking skin: 3. bright complexion: 4. natural toners: 5. wrinkle reduction: 6. getting rid of puffy face:. one of the most important tips that many chinese women follow is avoiding the sun. this helps keep their skin from developing wrinkles and, chinese skin whitening secrets, chinese skin whitening secrets, chinese beauty secrets hair, chinese home remedies for skin care, asian beauty secrets.

drink the right herbal tea. chinese beauty rituals are mostly based on using the right herbs for treating various skin conditions. use a jade their diets are rich in a variety of “beauty foods”, such as seaweed, potatoes, fermented vegetables, quality seafood, bone broths, fish stocks, – wei brian, beauty guru and the mastermind behind wei beauty a skincare line, shares her favorite beauty secrets from ancient china., chinese beauty drink, ancient chinese beauty secrets. get flawless skin like chinese women by using these beautyacupuncture & acupressure. these traditional chinese medicine methods are used to stimulate acupoints which help in restoring the energy flow of the body. jade rollers. green tea. turmeric. he shou wu. rice water. pearl powder.

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