circumcision training course

in his current practice dr. pollock has performed over 35,000 circumcisions to date, making him one of the worlds most experienced surgeons in this procedure. you will participate in procedures and eventually perform many dozens under supervision as part of the training experience. for these two procedures, dr. pollock is one of the busiest and most well-known physicians in north america. after carefully studying their most effective strategies, dr. pollock put together his own approach to these surgeries, combining the most effective elements of what he learned. his pioneering efforts to establish a quick and virtually painless method of circumcision have also been highlighted in medical journals. the pollock circumcision method is quick, reliable, and minimizes potential complications.

the course given one-on-one by dr. pollock will focus on the surgical methods and skills key to consistent positive outcomes. to begin, each applicant will be guided through a detailed information booklet and set of surgical videos. then, the applicant will assist in, or perform with guidance, circumcisions on live patients. dr. pollock emphasizes that each trainee must work towards acquiring knowledge and skills to be able to perform a safe and painless surgery that is of the highest aesthetic standard. please read more about the gentle procedures program and please contact us for more information – or go ahead and request a call from dr. pollock at your convenience. learn about the successful program dr. pollock has put together and why doctors are choosing to become an expert provider. dr. pollock and his clinic offered a very special niche in the medical field.

complete circumcision training course for doctors. hands-on surgical training with dr. neil pollock. recommended for this male circumcision under local anaesthesia training course will participate in training courses because they:. this 60-minute course was designed to provide an introduction to adult male circumcision and act as a, infant circumcision training course, infant circumcision training course, circumcision training course usa, circumcision training course uk, circumcision training course india.

the course. an international mohel surgical training course is now being offered by dr. neil pollock, md of vancouver no respondent admitted to learning the procedure through a structured training course. of the new data on male circumcision and hiv prevention: policy and programme in the context of a training course., mohel training, brit milah training

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