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for creatine products in particular, the pandemic has slowly but surely created a drastic shortage. for buyers, the crux of the issue is that creatine is meant to be taken daily. the rapidly-rising prices of existing creatine products as well as some vendors struggling to provide the supplement all are the result of knots in the supply chain.

while consumers are right to worry about quantity, murphy reinforces that quality control for creatine products remains as steadfast as ever: the quality of a creatine product purchased in the united states is not affected by ingredient shortages. the scientific community has published hundreds of papers documenting the safety and efficacy of creatine as a way of boosting your performance both in and out of the gym. chief among the benefits of creatine supplementation is the positive effect it has on your strength. (6)  an ongoing shortage is making creatine worth its weight in gold to dedicated fitness enthusiasts who consider it a staple of their nutritional plans.

creatine, one of the most effective muscle-building supplements, has long been a cheap, reliable standby for boosting the fitness routines of bodybuilders, athletes, and fitness buffs. while the price of creatine is unlikely to drop anytime soon, according to supplement-industry insiders, athletes say they are keeping up their gains by buying in bulk. it works by helping your body produce a steady supply of a molecule called adenosine triphosphate (atp), the chemical currency of energy in your cells. the creatine sales spike coincides with people returning to gyms after pandemic lockdowns. jack gayton, divisional merchandise manager at the vitamin shoppe said creatine was the supplement most affected by supply constraint, labor shortages, and logistical challenges in stores.

part of the sticker shock comes from the fact that creatine has previously been one of the cheapest supplements on the market, marc lobliner, a professional bodybuilder and the ceo of mts nutrition, said. mirza said he didn’t plan to stop taking creatine because it’s worth the extra money for improvements to his stamina in the gym. creatine supply has also been squeezed because of delays at the port of shanghai, allen said. you can also get creatine from foods like beef and fish, though you’d have to eat a lot of food to get the amount of creatine in a tiny scoop of powder, adams said. your healthy diet and macronutrients are more important,” adams said.

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