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scroll through time to explore our history and heritage. at csx, we strive to effectively communicate our vision to our customers, partners, and communities. the mission of csx’s pride in service program is to honor our nation’s military and first responders through a unique community investment commitment. visit our corporate social responsibility section to learn more about how our material and service suppliers can help make a positive impact on csx corporate sustainability efforts. need to check the status of your application? protect csx personnel, critical infrastructure, property, and the public against criminal acts and the threat of terrorism and sabotage to preserve the safety, operational efficiency and brand of csx.

these apply to the police department just as they do to any other facet of csx. improving customer service we believe everyone is our customer: the citizens of communities in which we operate, our business partners, and our employees. we proactively communicate when we can’t meet our commitments and make sure every interaction with the customer is a good interaction. we strive to equip them for success, from the tools they use each day, to the information we provide to keep them safe. operating safely we strive to maintain 100% compliance with safety and operating rules 100% of the time to protect our employees, our customers’ freight, and the communities in which we operate. valuing and developing employees we believe in the professional and personal development of all members of the police department. we encourage you to navigate through this website to learn more about csx and more about the csx police department.

safety and security – csx.com. csx maintains a steadfast commitment to the safety and security of our network, our customers and their freight, and the communities where we operate. we have developed some of the most effective programs in the rail industry to keep customers’ shipments safe and secure. see csx’s company overview. based in jacksonville, florida, csx corporation is a leader in freight transportation. csx’s securenow system: a cornerstone of this partnership is csx’s sharing of its highly specialized secure train and, csx security jobs, csx security jobs, csx police, csx police layoffs, csx investigation. csx offers state homeland security officials training sessions and state-of-the-art security tools, including csx\’s securenow system, a secure online network that allows trained and security-cleared state officials to monitor, identify and respond to potential rail-security issues throughout the csx network.

our shareholders, customers, employees and communities expect csx to maintain a safe and secure network. with federal, state, tribal, and local law enforcement, homeland security, and emergency management agencies. operating a safe and secure railroad requires the dedication of professional people and strong programs that promote, csx police jurisdiction, csx technology inc, csx mission statement, csx trains

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