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the ultimate goal being to increase training adoption of both franchise managers and crew members. we were in the middle of transitioning from one vendor to another vendor and so i was brought on to be the implementation manager/project manager for that roll out. jl: and so, when you’re rolling that content out, is there a certain type of content that you start with that’s the most important? we need to provide something very easy for them where they don’t have to take a lot of time to get to know the system. cs: it absolutely impacts us and that’s definitely one of the challenges that we have. the only thing that we can mandate is that we have a certain number of managers that need to be certified per location. we found that we really have kind of two camps of franchisees and how they do training, and our system has to try to accommodate both. cs: we have the ability just to create a library for our users and create courses and lessons.

cs: we’ve done a lot of gamification research over the last year and that’s one of the big things we want to add to our system to increase the engagement. we really have to customize it for the person, for the role, and also for the store itself. so that’s certainly a change that we’re making to our system. i will say, we do have a lot of stores in china and are getting ready this year or maybe early next year to bring our china locations into our lms. we have a customer service survey that our consumers can fill out and we’ve just started to try to correlate the two pieces of data. my theory is yeah, and if we can run some metrics and some data then that’s going to help us internally so that we can train our own internal staff about the lms. cs: yeah, there’s a lot of different sides that you have to consider and i think it’s best to understand what all those sides are. and so there’s definitely training strategies we need to keep in mind, but we also want to try to meet the needs of our franchisees.

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