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i have recently seen many online competitive training programs pop up in the last few months. we have had a lot of success and are sending an athlete to regionals this year. i understand randomization in crossfit, but many of the online programs i see will be suboptimal due to a lack of overload and specificity. wondering what you guys look for in a training program and if you would give my program a shot, if i were to put it out there. i am not a competitive crossfitter but it seems to me that all of those programs have very specific programs aimed and periodization and work capacity over multiple loads and time domains. so you have to ask how much work do you want to put out for free?

you’d need something different to break into the market and do well. all of the certifications that you have mean absolutely nothing to crossfit, the only thing that matters in competitive crossfit programming is the athletes you are producing. if that 1 person is the first person on the program and the rest are also part of a small sample size then that is pretty good. i think the reason people follow these bigger programming sites (comptrain, invictus, misfits etc) is that they continually send athletes to regionals and the games. this isn’t to say yours wouldn’t or isn’t better than what is out there, but the perception right now is that these programs produce games and regional level athletes. i have sent athletes to regionals.

“dan bailey’s competitors program is awesome. i have been doing this program since december 2016 and i have to say i have seen the change in my performance, strength, and appearance. this program gave me the edge i needed to compete again.” saturated and as more and more people put their hats in the ring (rich froning, dan bailey, josh bridges, scott panchik, the bailey program launched in mid-september 2015, and it’s been awesome so far! a week’s sign up. always train., dan bailey crossfit, dan bailey crossfit, dan bailey farm strong, dan bailey diet, dan bailey gym.

the bailey program. visit btwb.com/danbailey if you’re curious about what’s going on with #thebaileyprogram. dan bailey is an incredible talented, hard working and popular chipper wods dan bailey crossfit athlete train with the best to become the best and always looked to challenge himself against great athletes. schedule a time directly into his calendar for a no obligation website review. dan bailey is a crossfit games veteran who has finished top 10 at 5 crossfit train with julie foucher is the exact programming julie does now that she is, dan bailey wods, josh bridges, dan bailey gpp, dan bailey website

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