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the season of festivities is on an all-time high and we have been celebrating a string of festivals back-to-back with much fun and fervour. one of the most popular festivals in india, diwali is all about lights, friends, family and food. as a result, most of us end up gaining some extra kilos by the end of the jamboree. we bring you some expert tips that will not only help you pick your food wisely but also balance out the calorie intake the next day. with more and more people getting health conscious, we can witness the emergence of various recipes that give a healthier spin to the regular calorific dishes. consultant nutritionist rupali datta further suggests the inclusion of healthy oil in lieu of butter and skimmed milk instead of heavy cream to prepare the main course for diwali feast. diwali seems incomplete without indulging in a variety of sweet treats. this will help you satisfy your sweet cravings without compromising on health.”

as per rupali datta, planning your meal and making wise food choice is of utmost importance. she suggests eating some healthy and light meal before hitting any party so that you can avoid munching on calorific snacks and sodas. there’s no denying the fact that almost all of us end up having heavy meals during the festivities. “if you have indulged in some heavy calorific meal at a diwali party, then the next morning, try having a liquid breakfast with a nice fresh green smoothie. and if you have indulged for lunch, then consume a nice and healthy stew or soup for dinner, with a lot of vegetables inside. the importance of detoxification is no secret to the world. so a well-planned detox diet pre and post diwali celebration can help you get back in shape without much struggle. keeping this in mind, we bring you a 10-day detox diet plan by rupali datta that can be of great help. be it in terms of food, people or places, all she craves for is to know the unknown.

diwali 2021 is just around the corner and it is getting difficult to hold the excitement in. it’s diwali and we understand the urge to go all out and binge on sweet treats and fried snacks but it helps to make smart choices even while feasting. there’s a lot of adulterated stuff doing the rounds and your sweets could also pack unwanted fat laden ingredients. (also read: 8 easy diwali recipes to impress your guests and relatives)   be careful about adulterated sweets.2. the diwali staple ‘kaju katli’ is also quite easy to make at home and could prove to be a better bet than the ones bought from the market. home -made sweets and snacks not only use high quality ingredients, but they are also fresh and thus, are light on your stomach. begin with grabbing a small plate and don’t overfill it.

keep a check on the amount (and calories) of sweets and snacks you dig in. if it is difficult to hit the gym, try little things like taking the stairs or going for a short walk or do a couple of stretching exercises at your desk, there are so many ways in which you can still indulge in some kind of physical activity and burn those excess calories. if you have already consumed a high calorie-meal during the day, try to keep the dinner light with soups, salads, buttermilk and fat-free food. limit the portions to one single piece or one small bowl once a day. the potassium and other minerals in water also keep your blood pressure in check which may be affected due to all the salty, oily and fattening food that you indulge in. it keeps you full and prevents the cravings to binge. through the day, you can grab some healthy and high fibre foods like an apple or a bowl of oatmeal to avoid unnecessary bingeing.happy diwali 2021! about sushmita senguptasharing a strong penchant for food, sushmita loves all things good, cheesy and greasy.

keep yourself well-hydrated so that you flush all the toxins out. and if you have indulged for lunch, then consume a nice and healthy stew or 1. pick your sweets wisely. while purchasing sweets from the market, go for trusted mithai shops. 2. make some treats at home 3. portion diwali health tips. 1. eat healthy; 2. keep yourself hydrated; 3. limit booze intake; 4. get proper sleep; 5. keep a first aid kit handy; 6., diwali, diwali, diwali 2020, diwali holiday, diwali 2021.

avoid eating oily food and stay away from the smoke of firecrackers. say no to crackers as they cause noise and smoke, which affect all especially young, old, and pets. let’s celebrate pollution free diwali. indulging in creative activities like making diyas, lanterns can be a fun-filled family time activity. 1. sweets are hard to resist and during diwali, when there is plenty of colorful sweets everywhere, it becomes even harder to resist. 2. stay away from sweets if you want to eat less, stay hydrated. it will help eat less. small trick: drink a whole glass of water before eating, you simply won’t eat as first and foremost, don’t skip your exercise or workout as it would help you to maintain your weight plus improve blood circulation and prevent, .

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