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our purpose in life is to be at the service of dogs. we proudly present to you our newest treat, essential the lynx, a tribute to cats (which dogs happen to absolutely love too)! a new chapter in the story of the world’s most delicious treats begins now, as we proudly present the finest family’s luxurious, new member: beef & herb squares. that’s why we never consider ourselves to be in the business of producing dog food. our british heritage rests on our pledge to continue using a selection of the finest british ingredients and our dedication to increasing the quality of life and longevity of those we exclusively serve: dogs & cats.

essentials is created with the vision of bringing you the good life of the british countryside in an instant. we take you to this magical place. there’s nothing quite like a spark of everyday kindness.‍for you suburbanites living the good life, we have carefully formulated our living range for uncomplicated switches between recipes, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of varying the servings. and for those neighbourhood walks, we have our luxurious finest range of treats, handmade and air-dried in yorkshire, in the north of england. this is the foundation on which we make decisions exclusively rooted in our mission to improve and prolong the lives of dogs. always looking to expand our impact, we match 1% of our global sales with essentials you will find a company with a soul and a mission that extends beyond profit.

we offer 480 products, specializing in produce purchased in mclean, texas directly from the supplier (growers).  we also offer dairy, paper goods, dried chilies and spices. in response to the covid-19 national emergency, we are following all of the cdc guidelines regarding cleaning, sanitizing, and use of personal protective equipment for employees and drivers. in june 2010, we opened a 7,000 square foot warehouse with two employees, a single delivery van, and the intention of supplying our own seven restaurants.  soon after, we began growing, adding new customers, and the rest is history. fast forward to 2020, our facilities have grown to 19,000 square feet of warehouse space, we have sixteen full-time employees, and our own fleet of trucks.  we serve nearly 250 restaurants in eight states including indiana, ohio, michigan, illinois, missouri, kentucky, tennessee, and arkansas.  

we are a small family owned wholesale provider of high-quality frozen meats and seafood. all of our products are usda approved and received directly from view the menu of essential foods. share it with friends or find your next meal. essential foods is a wholesale direct to consumer retailer of steaks, essential food sales is a wholesale direct to consumer retailer of usda frozen steaks, seafood, chicken and pork! /info. 123 posts., .

to create ideas, concepts and beautiful products to help our customers enjoy healthier and better lives. more than 250,000 dogs enjoy essentials across the at essential food and produce our main goal is 100% customer satisfaction as well as 100% food quality at the best market price. we are a top food supplier we know each day is important. whether it’s a full schedule or taking time to relax, with the convenience and dependability of essential everyday®,, .

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