eyebrow makeup tips

no two brows are the same (seriously—stare closely at all of your friends, pls), which means the journey to getting the “perfect” eyebrows is going to look a little different for everyone. are you trying to lightly shape and comb your hairs? “and since threading puts pressure on top of your skin, it can even push hairs up from underneath the surface to grab and remove.” to measure where the tail of your brow needs to end, place a brow pencil diagonally at your nostril and line it up with the side of your eye.

mapping out the shape of your brow with a pencil and then not diffusing it can be a total tell-tale sign that they’re, um, drawn on. what i am talking about is unshaped brow hairs that, with the help of a little grooming slash shaping, can really give more structure to your face. choosing the wrong color to fill in your brows is another way you can make your brows look too “done.” an easy way to fill in your brows is by drawing an angled line under your eyebrow at its start with a brow pencil, and then using a spoolie brush to diffuse it up into your brow.

having a poor eyebrow wax, going tweezer happy at home, or thinning your brows can leave you with an awkward brow shape. regardless of your brow situation, you can clean them up in a way that makes them appear natural by filling them in using specific techniques, tools, and colors. if you already have a great shape and you’re looking to enhance your look, several strokes of color can bring out your eyes. you can easily take care of light and sparse areas with pencil, powder, or mousse. before filling in your brows, use a brow brush or spoolie to brush your brows upwards. its spiraled bristles can shape brows and blend in eyebrow filler. if you have dark hair, pick a color that is a shade or two lighter than the natural color of your brows. on the other hand, if you have light hair and are deepening your brows, you can opt for a tone that’s a half to one shade darker. when you’re just getting started, it will take some time to learn which tools work best for your brows and how to use the product correctly for the best results: if you’re using powder or a pencil, you can apply a brow wax to will keep your brows from smudging.

a good product like blinc eyebrow mousse ($24) won’t flake either. if you discover that your brows are sparse due to stress, aging, or thyroid issues, try testing an eyebrow revitalizer like talika lipocils ($60) which can help spur growth. whichever method you choose, use a light hand and stray away from using too much product. this kind of fine-tuning will help you to manage your product so that you don’t over-do it by accident. as you’re working on your brows, stand back and look at them from a distance in the mirror. if you find that the color you chose is too dark or the wrong tone, it will look like you painted on fake eyebrows. it’s hard to tell how the product will look on you and your brow hair by simply glancing at the tube or color printed on the package. the main thing you want to do is create some shape by using small hair-like strokes. you also don’t want to overextend the tail end of your eyebrow, which can draw your face down.

1. don’t over-pluck your brows 2. find the right eyebrow products 3. consider eyebrow threading 4. shape with an eyebrow stencil 5. apply brush eyebrows first. before filling in your brows, use a brow brush or spoolie to brush your brows upwards. although primarily used as a using short dash-like strokes to mimic your natural hairs, softly fill in any sparse areas with a pencil. “choose the color that best matches, .

comb your eyebrows with a brush in the direction of your hair growth. then draw a contour with an eyebrow pencil. perfect the starting point of your brows (= drawing in little hairs) and fill in any gaps. apply an eyebrow powder for a 3d finish. first, align the pencil with the dimple of your nose straight up towards your brow. wherever it lands, that’s where your brow should begin, so, . essential eyebrow makeup toolseye shadow. you can fill in your brows with an eye shadow or a brow powder that’s the same tone as your brows (and corresponds with your hair color).eyebrow pencils. eye pencils are great for filling in your brows. eyebrow gel. brow wax. spoolie.

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