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and once you discover that you indeed have a boy, you’ll need to call a mohel. many prefer not to hear from parents until the baby arrives, which makes sense (planning an exact day of arrival is tough! what if you really don’t want tons of people in your house? the actual procedure takes two to three minutes, usually on a kitchen or dining room table. do you prefer a more inclusive ceremony with plenty of english, for non-jews to participate? “when you have lots of people of different backgrounds, some of whom may be jewish and others may not be, i leave it to the family. “but truly, if a family were in need, i don’t think anyone would refuse to do it,” he says.

“don’t wait to find someone until the week of postpartum: have two to three people lined up so you don’t find yourself trying to be sane and human right after having a baby,” she says. “get someone you know and trust to do it for you,” he says. “if the bris feels like too much for you, having so many people in your house, we had a naming ceremony at our synagogue at five weeks, which felt way more sane,” she says. “during the actual bris i sat in the other room and cried. it doesn’t have to be a big party.” do you have a rapport with your mohel? do you know other people who have used and liked the mohel? jamie perelman’s son was born right around thanksgiving, adding an element of holiday stress and scheduling to the proceedings. but in the end, you and your child are all that matter.

helpful advice on how to find a mohel or mohelet to perform your son’s circumcision, and what questions to ask to make find a mohel in your area reform, conservative, reconstructionist, renewal & post denominational 1- (800 ) – 644- find a qualified mohel to perform a bris milah – circumcision. if you live in locations where you cannot find a certified, mohel near me, mohel near me, how much does a mohel cost, mohel circumcision near me, mohel training. picking your mohel most mohels are found through word of mouth; ask friends, family, an obstetrician-gynecologist, fellow synagogue members, or a rabbi for recommendations. chat sites like offer reviews.

how to find a mohel, (almost) stress-free. it’s a boy! now what? top pick edit 0 0. learn about brit milah and search by location to find the perfect mohel for your baby. jewish circumcision is still a mystery to some. if you are looking for a mohel or moyel for a bris, check, boston mohel, mohel chicago, mohel miami, mohel south florida

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