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brown, a chic and versatile choice, available in caramels, toffees, espressos, nudes, chocolates and so many more shades, will be the perfect upgrade to your typical nail polish color palette, especially if you’re a fan of brown french tip nails. according to aja frierson, founder of habit cosmetics, brown hues will be everywhere this summer and even transition well into the fall. the expert has one rule, though: match the polish to your skin tone. if you have fair to medium skin tones, go for taupe. “to make sure your polish doesn’t visually disappear, choose colors that are a couple of shades lighter or darker than your skin tone,” frierson tells tzr. the best part about brown polish is the ability to wear it with any nail shape: rounded, almond, square, silhouette, and more. ahead, scroll for six stand out brown manicure ideas to bring to your next salon appointment.

we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article if you’re into a relaxing and chill summer, opt for a smooth toffee manicure. done either as an all-over color or french manicure, this trend incorporates a few lighter shades of brown all swirled together. and because it is so dark, it also looks great as a french tip. as for skin tone, salina neou, styleseat nail technician, recommends this for golden brown skin tones as it adds a bit of warmth back to the skin. “this color is great for those with lighter skin tones because it won’t wash out the hands as it is just dark enough to add some warmth,” neou tells tzr. darker browns like cold brew shades that tether on the black side, are great on a wide variety of skin tones. to keep your nails looking salon-done, frierson recommends applying a thin coat of topcoat every day and painting past the edge of your nail. according to di lullo, light caramel brown looks great on any nail length.

to clear the air, we have come up with some of the magnificent brown french tip nails to consider before your next manicure. the almond shape adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to this lovely brown tip. the ring and pinky fingernail is decorated with the cow check, and that’s all there is to it. simply paint your nails a neutral color and gently draw crests on the tips of your nails using a fine brush. paint all of your nails nude and make french tips using brown nail polish on some of your favorite fingers. to replicate this artwork, use the exact neon matte nude brown colors and paint these french tips perfectly.

this pair of nude french tips nails with dark brown cheetah digits is eye-catching. from the perfect brown hues to the bubbly effect to the white checks, these nails a piece of art. these appear to be the work of a skilled and imaginative nail technician; the nails showcase inventiveness at their best. i strongly advise you to use the expertise of a skilled nail stylist for this design. the long coffin brown nails with brown lil daisies on the middle and ring fingers are simple to draw and wear throughout summer. brown looks good with a medium-sized coffin tip, and the combination is pleasing without being overpowering. this brings us to the conclusion of our stylish and sophisticated brown french tip nail designs inspirations for you.

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