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introducing the oh-so sophisticated, soft pastel manicure currently taking social media by storm. ‘pastels are the perfect pantone for the spring/summer season,’ says session manicurist, michelle humphrey, ‘as the sun starts to shine, we all want to brighten up a little.’ and what better way to brighten up your look than with an array of ice-cream coloured nails. ‘this is where each nail is a different pastel shade – choose between five and ten.’ ‘pastel ombre can be created really easily using a make-up sponge.

apply a base coat, allow to dry thoroughly, then sponge on your chosen shade up to 1/3 of the nail. begin with your basic nail prep and apply a base coat. although it looks simple, it’s a bit more complex than a regular french and you’re more likely to get product on the cuticle. paint your outline following the cuticle and then fill in.’ bauer media group consists of: bauer consumer media ltd, company number: 01176085, bauer radio ltd, company number: 1394141 registered office: media house, peterborough business park, lynch wood, peterborough, pe2 6ea h bauer publishing,company number: lp003328 registered office: academic house, 24-28 oval road, london, nw1 7dt.

across instagram, nail technicians and novices are getting creative, and one diy style in particular is flooding everyone’s feed: pastel tips. instead of stark white polish, nail obsessives are opting for pastel shades in pink, blue, lilac and green, dressing each tip in a different shade but keeping the rest of the nail bare. an understated, ultra wearable, multicoloured manicure – and it’s not that difficult to do at home if you’re unable to secure a salon appointment. nyc-based editorial nail artist alicia torello is a big fan of the pastel tip trend and took to instagram at the weekend to show her followers exactly how it’s done. next, take a long-wear pastel polish, such as essie nail polish, £7.99. in her tutorial, nail artist alicia uses a wafer-thin nail striping brush dipped into polish to paint the tip. if your nails are on the shorter side, using a thin brush like this makes it easy to fashion a tip, and you can decide on the thickness.

it might help to rest your elbow on a hard, flat surface to keep your painting hand stable. if you make any mistakes, soak another very thin cuticle striping brush in acetone to clean up any smudges gently and precisely. to keep the look in place for longer, apply a slick of top coat, like seche vite dry fast top coat, £10.95, but only once your tips are touch dry. once your clear base coat is dry, dip a small ombre nail sponge in a pastel nail polish of your choice and gently press this over the tip. alternatively, you can keep the tips all one shade, like evelynn escobar-thomas, who has chosen lilac – arguably this season’s most popular nail shade. the key is investing in an expert-approved striping brush set like alicia, as it means your pastel tip will look a little more professional until you can finally book a salon appointment. as part of our business model we do work with affiliates; if you directly purchase something from a link on this article, we may earn a small amount of commission.

very easy to use in 3 simple steps: * cut the lace into the relevant size required for your nail art. * select the design and peel off. * place the design on the best cute pastel nails including pastel nail art designs: pastel french tip nails and pastel french nails | pastel nail designs, pastel nails short, ‘i love a pastel french or reverse french manicure – it’s so youthful and fresh. begin with your basic nail prep and apply a base coat., .

the rainbow trend is a springtime twist on traditional french tips, which reigned supreme in the late ’90s and early ’00s. instead of stark pastel dreams press-on nails full set | pastel nails | french tip nails | spring nails | kitsch nails | space nails | cute nail art. pastel french. it doesn’t get any cooler than a matte finish, skinny french tips, and contrasting pastels. we love essie expressie, .

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