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i used to follow greg o gallagher because i liked his philosophy about training and dieting, and then i saw some guy commenting in one of his videos saying “greg the type of guy to rip off leangains and say it’s his work”, i was curious and searched for leangains and like, what the fuck man, the guy literally copied every fucking thing that martin created, i actually felt bad for martin because greg is getting a lot of credit and clients that he doesn’t deserve. martin just never had the marketing acumen of greg and the drive to finish the damn book. yeah like him or not (i don’t hate him, but i don’t like him) greg is a master at marketing or has some smart people helping him (after listening to him talk i think it’s the latter). but listening to him ramble it’s obvious he really doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about for the most part. i don’t think greg is that fuckin dumb, but the videos come off as a parody. martin wants to be strong as fuck, and doesn’t give a shit about anything else.

don’t get me wrong, greg can lift some weight, however his primary focus is to look good so he can attract girls, and a lot of his followers are all doing the same thing so they can attract girls. greg only wishes he had half of martin’s looks from back in his modeling days. i watch most of his videos someone made a comment on one of martin’s instagrams about kinobody. and martin replied immediately something to the tune of maybe he let greg create a simplified version of leangains for simple people. leangains inception… greg gave credit to martin and said in one of his videos that it’s similar to leangains. in fact in a recent gg expansion greg added rack pulls to a leg day routine i guess to compensate.

4.8k members in the kinobody community. kinobody is a series of workout programs developed by greg o’gallagher. in the world of women’s fitness and dieting programs, the new kinobody goddess toning program has it’s called the goddess toning program. i’m going to do a full breakdown and review of this program,, .

home workout plan (bonus); aggressive fat loss diet (bonus). we reveal a lot more in our goddess toning program goddess toning program cardio abs mobility program. enjoy the savings and share this website with friends who would the goddess toning program is a nutrition and exercise plan for women who want to be slim, fit and toned— not just,

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