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detangling your hair before your shower helps in keeping them strong. also, an added benefit is that brushing dry hair helps in distributing natural scalp oils all the way to your roots. your scalp needs to be hydrated too, so make sure you work your way up from mid-shaft and ends to the scalp. a deep conditioning hair-pack helps in improving the quality of your hair. depending on your hair texture, you can make a customised hair pack at home too. these key ingredients aren’t harsh and help in strengthening your hair. inorganic ingredients, on the other hand, tend to damage your tresses in the long run.

another essential nutrient is vitamin e, which helps in providing moisture to your hair. if you’re stressed out, the manifestations are shown on your skin. so breathe in through your nose, and release from your mouth, and repeat. a hot shower everyday tends to leave your scalp dry and flaky. it also weakens your hair and robs it of natural moisture. it makes your hair shinier and smoother by shutting the cuticle (outer protective layer of your hair). go for hair sunblocks that shield your hair to keep them soft and healthy. ditch your cotton pillow covers and go for silk ones.

have you ever neglected your hair for so long it became so dry and damaged? if you neglect your hair, it becomes dry, weak and easy to break. just remember, treating dry hair will need commitment and patience, because you can’t start a treatment and expect results three days later! so, if you want to have healthy hair you need to eat some of the following food: eggs, spinach, lentils, carrots, seafood, whole grains, and nuts. there are enough natural homemade recipes of hair masks in the world to treat dry and damaged hair. and some of them are very easy to make, and some others sound crazy to make. another great way to lock moisture in your hair is coconut oil, and whatever mask you choose to use, make sure you do it only once every two or three weeks. don’t underestimate split ends, for they can make your hair weaker and easy to break.

a while ago, kim kardashian revealed that she washes her hair every three to five days. washing your hair frequently strips it from the beneficial natural oils your scalp produces, so, yes the dirty hair is good for hair growth and healthy locks. the heat coming out of blow dryers and straighteners damage your hair in the worst way. so, if you blow dry your hair every day, i suggest you start embracing your natural hair. a diffuser is basically a blow dryer attachment that minimizes a lot of the frizz that comes when curly hair is naturally air dried. post your question, and have makeup artists and skincare experts answer you! zeinab el-fiqi since she was a little girl, zeinab el-fiqi enjoyed listening to music while she sat down on the floor to write short stories. she studied marketing and management, which helped her make a balance between business and love for arts. zeinab enjoys the little things in life; a cup of coffee and good music can make her day, and a walk in the park with her favorite songs on can turn a bad mood into a happy mood.

golden tips hair & beauty. 262 likes 2 talking about this 16 were here. hair salon. golden tips hair & beauty. 262 likes 6 talking about this 16 were here. hair salon. massage your scalp with lukewarm oil (coconut, castor or olive oil) once a week. apply oil till the end tip of your hair. it will improve blood, .

curly black hair & golden tips | hair styles, ombre hair color, ombre hair extensions. 6 golden tips every girl with dry hair will appreciate 1. feed your hair. when you eat healthy food, you feed your body with the right elements oil masks will help you to nourish your hair from the outside and protect the ends from splitting. for example, burdock oil is perfect for, .

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