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published by sph media limited, co. regn. it’s a must-do in both your morning and nightly skincare routine to ensure that your skin remains hydrated and nourished throughout the day. her skincare tip is perfect for those who are looking to achieve great skin on a budget, as she’s all about effective and affordable diy masks. internationally renowned actress gong li who’s now 55, has reportedly said in media appearances that her skin looks so youthful because she sleeps a lot (it’s called beauty sleep for a reason, people).

she also reportedly said that she tries to wake up earlier to go for a morning jog to keep healthy, which translates to healthier and more youthful-looking skin too. the taiwanese singer-actress, who is the ambassador of skincare brand bio-essence, says the key to her glowing and flawless complexion is to keep skin hydrated and to improve skin cell regeneration, so an effective moisturiser and a serum that helps with skin rejuvenation are must-haves in her skincare routine. the 53-year-old has great skin because she protects her skin from the sun, puts on sheet masks frequently, and tries to get enough sleep. the 50-year-old fronts the body shop, and has held multiple interviews revealing her skincare secrets — from keeping skin hydrated to using sun protection. copyright © 2022 sph media limited.

what’s your first childhood beauty memory?my mom styled her hair a certain way: shoulder-length and curly. she would go to a beauty parlor and have the black outlines lasered on! what’s your first childhood beauty memory?my mother’s red lips and her curly hair—when i was six years old, she would bring me to the hairdresser. my hometown has a tradition of cooking this soup because it’s really good for skin and health. i use a clay mask, and also the white of the egg.

in china, we still like big eyes and a high nose—that’s the classic beauty in china, although i think that’s going to change. we would grind the petals, put them on our nails, and then wrap each nail with a leaf. what’s the best beauty lesson you learned at home?my mom loves cleansing and moisturizing. can you define the chinese beauty ideal?with time passing, i think that beauty is not just about how you look on the outside, but, more important, who you are and how you think. can you define the chinese beauty ideal?most people don’t like too-thin girls, and a lot of women like skin that is very white.

from gong li to michelle yeoh, here’s how these nine asian celebrities keep their skin in top condition and age gracefully. internationally renowned actress gong li who’s now 55, has reportedly said in media appearances that her skin looks so youthful because she sleeps a lot watching her on mtv has been an inspiration. also gong li, the actress. she’s an iconic chinese beauty, for me—long hair, really strong face., .

gong li ; gong li is quite discreet about her beauty routine ; she also revealed that she uses masks ; gong li also detoxifies her body by if you know of the chinese actress gong li or zhao wei, you probably already know how gorgeous women from china are. their glowing flawless skin that seems gong li asian celebrities, asian actors, beautiful celebrities, . mac brunch with friends look makeup tips, beauty makeup, eye makeup, hair makeup., .

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