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here are ten tips of things to start doing in 2021 that will boost your health, energy and vitality. as this becomes a habit for you, it will bring clarity and insight into that which is important to you, and what you truly appreciate and value in your life. not only does it increase your lifespan, lower your risk of disease, boosts bone density and helps with weight loss, it has also been shown to boost your endorphins and keeps you feeling happier and more productive. each day take a few minutes to quiet your mind and calm your soul. relaxing allows your body to conserve energy and boost needed endorphins.

your body organs will not be functioning optimally, and your body begins to feel tired and run down. by planning out your meals in advance you will also be more likely to stick to your shopping list, and not buy unhealthy or unneeded items. you will find that eating clean, whole foods keep your appetite satisfied longer, and keeps your body having more energy throughout the day. learning something new on a regular and consistent basis will help you to feel more confident and can even extend your life. at besana health and wellness, we would love to connect with you to assist you with making 2021 your best year ever. call today to set up a consult with one of our many providers, who would gladly assist you with doing something today, just for you.

meal prepping, or preparing your meals ahead of time, can help you better manage your diabetes, which can affect children, adults, and the elderly. feeling overwhelmed or anxious can lead to shortcuts in the kitchen, and you may end up eating unhealthy foods. when you plan your meals and make them in advance, you’ll be less tempted to eat foods that aren’t diabetes-friendly. think about how they can be a part of well-balanced meals that help you avoid high and low blood sugar levels. before you head to the store or order your groceries for delivery, look at what you have at home. make a list of the foods you have on hand to help you choose recipes. add them to your grocery list. start by looking at recipes you know your family loves.

if you want to add new meals, save recipes from newspapers, magazines, or food blogs. step 4: using what you learned in steps 1–3, fill out a diabetes meal planner pdf icon[pdf – 30kb] to track what you plan to make and when. put your finished meals in the fridge or freezer and pull them out during the week. here are some tips on how to keep foods fresh: once you’ve done meal planning for a few months, you’ll discover which meals your family likes and which ones are easiest to make ahead of time. and continue to look for new healthy recipes to add to your collection. meal planning and prepping when you have diabetes can be tricky, but the payoff can be great. talk with your doctor, diabetes educator, or a dietician for help. she is also available to speak at community groups or arrange diabetes risk screening in the community.

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