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taking care of your heart doesn’t need to take a lot of time. “eating just 5 ounces of nuts per week is linked to decreased cardiovascular disease,” says johns hopkins dietitian christie williams, m.s., r.d.n. find more ideas for eating smart for a healthy heart . getting more exercise is one of the best things you can do for a healthy heart.

but your heart also benefits from shorter bursts of activity, say 10 to 15 minutes at a stretch, with the goal of accumulating 150 minutes a week. get a simple approach to moving more . schedule a checkup if you’re overdue so that you and your doctor can stay up-to-date on your heart risk and make a plan to protect your heart. decade by decade, you’ll learn what to look for and what to do now, whether you’re 25 or 65, with easy-to-read tips, handy lists and practical knowledge that can keep you ahead of heart disease. ask your human resources department or check your employee handbook about the following possible benefits:

did you know that cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of american men and women? just a little bit of exercise can go a long way in improving cardiovascular health, says dr. lekshmi dharmarajan, chief division of cardiology at nyc health + hospitals/lincoln. “i always tell my patients to choose activities that appeal to them, such as swimming or dancing, provided that the activities are safe and healthy,” she says. “walking is a good choice too, as it is safe and effective.” research shows that countries with heart-healthy diets tend to have a lower incidence of cardiac disease. when it comes to seasoning your food, choose herbs instead of salt to reduce the sodium in your diet. if you want to have a healthy heart, it’s important to keep your blood pressure down.

take deep breaths or find a relaxing hobby, such as reading or painting, to help combat stress. barbara calvano, nurse practitioner at nyc health + hospitals/elmhurst, also recommends practicing yoga to reduce stress. “smoking, as well as excessive drinking, can lead to heart arrhythmia and hypertension.” nyc health + hospitals health care system offers smoking cessation programs to help kick the habit. “if you don’t know your bmi, speak with your primary care provider or use one of the many bmi tools available online,” suggests dr. lekshmi dharmarajan. it’s also important to know your blood sugar levels. when making any lifestyle change, it’s important to pay attention to daily habits and behaviors to figure out what you can do to get healthier. “if you can incorporate something new into your routine – even a minor change – it will help you get healthier,” says eleanor dreyhaupt, nurse practitioner at nyc health + hospitals/elmhurst.

5 diet tips for better heart health 1. add – don’t subtract. 2. change your source of protein. 3. choose healthier fast-food options. 4. when you choose healthy behaviors, you can lower your heart disease risk while also preventing other serious chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes and some tips for eating a heart healthy diet eat more fruit and vegetables swap to wholegrain make healthy fat choices use herbs and spices instead of salt., .

5 healthy-heart steps that take just minutes snack on nuts. they supply healthy unsaturated fats. sneak in a burst of activity. getting more exercise is one 5 tips for a healthy heart 1. keep moving. just a little bit of exercise can go a long way in improving cardiovascular health, says dr. 2. eat smart. research, . 11 healthy heart tips to try todayget active each week. a healthy heart is one that gets exercised. enjoy healthy fats, avoid unhealthy ones. snap out of a sedentary lifestyle. don’t smoke and avoid secondhand smoke. shed excess weight. avoid overeating through portion control. catch your zs. eat cholesterol-friendly foods.

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