integrative neuromuscular training program

this review synthesizes the latest literature and expert opinion regarding when to initiate neuromuscular conditioning in youth and presents a how to integrative training conceptual model that could maximize the potential health-related benefits for children by reducing sports-related injury risk and encouraging lifelong regular physical activity. (97) therefore, as more children and adolescents participate in sports and conditioning activities in schools, fitness centers and private clubs, it is important to establish age-appropriate guidelines for the initiation of integrative training activities that are purposely designed to enhance neuromuscular function, muscular strength and capacity specific to sport-like activities. it is suggested that integrative neuromuscular training initiated in pre-adolescence and maintained into adolescence will maximize the potential to achieve optimal adulthood motor capacity. (52) it has been proposed that the high degree of plasticity in neuromuscular development during pre-adolescence combined with appropriately timed implementation and progression of integrative neuromuscular training may allow for strengthened physical, mental, and social development that contributes favorably to their athleticism during adolescence. although there is no minimum age for participation in integrative neuromuscular training programs, all participants must be able to follow coaching instructions and be able to handle the attention demands of a training program.

integrative neuromuscular training utilized to enrich the motor learning environment in early youth may also initiate adaptation and help low motor competence children “catch-up” with their peers in these measures. while the total elimination of sports-related injuries in youth is an unrealistic goal, appropriately designed and sensibly progressed integrative neuromuscular training programs may help to reduce the likelihood of sports-related injuries in young athletes. the intermittent rather than continuous nature of integrative neuromuscular training is more consistent with how youth move and play. education and instruction are the key components for effective implementation of integrative neuromuscular training. however, initiation of integrative neuromuscular training in during pre-adolescence must also be challenging and enjoyable to keep the children interested and motivated in continuing participation. with a program based on the physical and psychosocial uniqueness of children, integrative neuromuscular training that is sensibly progressed over time and consistent with individual needs, goals and abilities can be integral to development and promotion of a health-oriented approach to lifelong physical activity.

integrative neuromuscular training programs that integrate a variety of fundamental movements designed to enhance both health and skill-related fitness may be most beneficial if initiated during pre-adolescence. integrative neuromuscular training (int) has been shown to be an effective training methodology to improve fitness, promote physical activity, and engage youth in the strength and conditioning process (8). key word: integrative neuromuscular, resistance training, children. resumen. los efectos positivos a neuromuscular oriented. training program in children and adolescents. in addi-., what is integrative neuromuscular training, what is integrative neuromuscular training, examples of neuromuscular training exercises, integrative neuromuscular training exercises, neuromuscular training zone. integrative neuromuscular training (int) is defined as a training program aimed to enhance physical fitness and prevent the aggregation of the neuromuscular deficits, along with the improvements of the motor competence, especially in youth with a lower level of motor skills [1].

youth athletes who participate in strength training programs with a qualified professional may benefit in many ways:. integrative neuromuscular training in youth athletes. part ii: strategies to effects of a combined strength and conditioning training program on physical abilities in adolescent male basketball players. integrative neuromuscular training (int) programs have successfully reduced these abnormal, neuromuscular training cycling

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