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after reading up on broz’s methods for several hours and taking extensive notes, i arranged to visit his las vegas facility. over the course of a year, lifters gradually work their way up to 13 training sessions per week – twice a day monday through saturday, and once on sunday. they’ve been known to stray from the routine and perform up to 50 max attempts on a particular lift such as the snatch before calling it a day. if you got a job as a garbage man and had to pick up heavy cans all day long, the first day would probably be very difficult, possibly almost impossible for some to complete. could a random person off the street come to the gym with you and do your exact workout?

the same method of 13 sessions is employed, and each session involves squatting and speed pulls with loads less than or equal to 80% of the lifter’s 1rm deadlift. this is the key to the system: learning to fight a max. if your goal is to be the strongest you can possibly be at olympic weightlifting, you should definitely consider the broz method. the practices some lifters still swear by are dumb and counterproductive. this brutal home workout set the internet on fire… and built a lot of calluses.

the best place in las vegas, nevada for olympic weight lifting! whether you are an average joe or professional, john broz is a walking encyclopedia of weightlifting history, as well as producing some of the john broz oozes olympic weightlifting. for three years, broz lived with antonio krastev, a, john broz squat everyday, john broz squat everyday, john broz powerlifting.

fascinating insights into one of the simplest and hardest strength olympic weightlifting programs there is if you know anything about olympic weightlifting, you already know at least something about john,

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