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when it comes to clean and natural beauty practices, kareena kapoor khan is a bit of a soothsayer. she has been instrumental in changing mindsets when it comes to beauty, fitness, and wellness. in her recent collaboration, she is now the face of st. botanica – a homegrown haircare label that uses vegan, cruelty-free, and organic ingredients. “i have always been extremely particular with the products i use for my hair and st. botanica’s belief of perfecting the art of hair care with quality-driven formulations and bio-actives is something i deeply resonate with. my approach to beauty is all about self-love and growth. moisturising and sun protection is crucial to keep your skin healthy. usually, at home, i don’t wear any makeup at all and let my skin breathe. for casual events i keep it light and basic, a little kohl and concealer can go a long way. i love mixing almond oil and honey for my skin and hair. it makes my skin really soft and my hair shiny. i shampoo and condition my hair every 2-3 days.

i’m a big believer in nature-inspired home remedies to nourish hair, which is why working with st. botanica has been such a good fit, as they are inspired by nature and elevated by science. even during my pregnancy, i found ways to keep working like yoga, walking, light weight lifting, and pilates. i stay motivated through connecting with my friends, fans, and my family. it’s nice to take a walk with my kids or spend some time outside with my friends and family. i think technology comes really handy for this as i can always stay connected with my loved ones, especially my kids through texting and video calls. after brushing my teeth i splash some cold water on my face to freshen up and meditate. i cannot stress the importance of whole foods enough. we tend to follow all the new trendy diets and fail constantly. i love to spend my time away from work with my family but i also need some “me time” to rewind. i read a lot of children’s books to my kids really. as you may know, i have my own book ‘pregnancy bible’ so obviously i would recommend it to all expecting mothers. all other images: courtesy kareena kapoor khan instagram.

we have always wondered about whether it is the great genetics or self-care that gives her the most amazing skin in the business with a spotless complexion and that natural glow. as the diva turns 40 on monday, we spill some beauty secrets of kareena that are responsible for maintaining her beautiful skin and the skincare routine she follows. i call it a miracle drug, and it helps me keep my hair and skin hydrated, even when i’m tired from all my travels.” while her perpetual glow comes from wearing as little makeup as possible and skipping it altogether whenever she can, kareena credits honey as her go-to skincare hero. a lesser known fact about kareena is that she opts for beauty secrets learnt from her mother babita like adding the age-old recipe of curd and almond oil to her beauty regime.

apart from helping prevent damage from uv rays and heal chapped skin, sweet almond oil is also beneficial for moisturised and supple skin as it is rich in vitamin e. kareena had said, “i apply almond oil to my skin and hair every day. from washing her face twice a day to never skipping on the beauty product, kareena ensures that she always keeps her skin moisturized as it helps prevent wrinkling and act as a barrier against pollution. for all those who are wondering about the ingredients….it’s a simple recipe … 2 tbs of sandalwood 2 drops of vitamin e pinch of turmeric tie the ingredients together with milk. from pouty selfies flaunting homemade masks to being a self-claimed fan of sheet masks and sharing a picture in a pink one with stars on it which she later deleted, kareena has often spilled the beans herself on her glow-enhancing and skin rejuvenating hacks. among her favourite diy facemasks are honey and curd mix and a pack of besan, curd and a little haldi or ubtan as the pack is called, to brighten and mosturise her skin.

my basic skincare regime includes cleansing, toning, and moisturizing followed by sunscreen. moisturising and sun protection is crucial to keep 1.drink lots of water and coconut water 2.use honey to massage the skin 3.use curd and almond oil on skin 4.keep skin moisturized 5.homemade “i don’t believe in using a lot of products. having said that, i do have a basic routine. i use a night cream before i go to bed which helps, kareena kapoor makeup, kareena kapoor makeup, kareena kapoor makeup products, kareena kapoor face mask, kareena kapoor makeup artist.

kareena kapoor skin care plan is quite simple. while she tries to follow the ctm (cleanse, tone and moisturise) routine, the most important step which she always focuses on is moisturizing her skin. she always carries a moisturizer and ensures that her skin is hydrated at all times. almond oil: kareena revealed she loves slathering almond oil on her skin. almond oil is loaded with vitamin e, which keeps the skin moisturized i always wear sun protection whenever i go out and prefer not wearing makeup. sunscreen is really important and useful in helping to protect don’t we all love bebo’s fresh and dewy skin? it’s time to reveal her big beauty secrets. 1. she avoids makeup as much as possible 2. water is, kareena kapoor eye makeup, kareena kapoor diet plan, kareena kapoor facial hair, kareena kapoor khan, best skin care routine for 30s, skincare routine quiz, kareena kapoor movies.

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