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seems like i will be getting an offer soon and wanted the “ins and outs” of kroger and all of your opinions. but honestly, the job market is so tough right now i might have to go with it. i can tell you one thing, you will learn so much in the first year – way more than you paid for by going to school. im actually heading into a 2nd interview next week, got my own questions for them and all but kinda want to know straight from people like on here. then i don’t have to tell you he is a damn good guitar player / singer songwriter regardless of how big the house is. almost 30 yrs ago no one told me to go work in the grocery business but i did and at the time was making as much as my fellow factory/plant workers, teachers, college grads, etc. it’s too late for me and maybe for u but no sense in sugar coating the kr turd- it still smells like crap! but i have to and will go in to earn my $110.

i have stuck my head up so fricken’ high in the pact to make a point that i am surprised it hasnt been chopped off yet. in the off chance you happen to still be reading this, newbie, i suggest that you go into a kroger and poke around to see what the management does for themselves. all i can tell you is that my management are not healthy people. i won’t if that is what you wish for me to do. i do it freely and with notion that if you give them an inch they will try to take a mile. barada, grumpy, cathy, produceman, 8hour, atlantadiv and several others come back to reread the damn thread  when a new reply is added. hell, i was one of the 1st to run back to my department and make mention of your assurtion to this. i see its been a few years and was wondering if you took the position and how it worked out as i am now in the same boat. he had already let me know that i was the last interview of the day and he was ready to go home.

1 kroger md1 program interview questions and 1 interview reviews. free interview details posted at any job fair u’ll find little to no waiting at the kroger booth, some smooth talking hr person that has i felt like i had nothing to offer kroger. after the interview, they offered me a position withing their md1 program. i had no, kroger md1 site krogerforum activeboard com prmd smivn, kroger md1 site krogerforum activeboard com prmd smivn, kroger md1

company name: kroger stores position type: employee flsa status: non- exempt. our primary focus is to create an 192 reviews from kroger stores employees about kroger stores culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, kroger is currently looking for md1 trainee near bellevue. full job description and instant apply on,

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