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lyle dean macwilliam (born 31 july 1949) was a new democratic member of the house of commons of canada from 1988 to 1993, representing the constituency of okanagan-shuswap. [3] macwilliam ran unsuccessfully for a seat in the legislative assembly of british columbia in 1983. he was elected to represent okanagan north in the assembly as a new democratic party member in a 1984 by-election held following the death of donald james campbell. [4][5] in the lead-up to the 1986 provincial election, macwilliam became embroiled in an internal party debate over whether to force the resignation of then-leader bob skelly, with some in the party concerned about skelly’s popularity compared to that of the new premier bill vander zalm. “[6] macwilliam was defeated in his bid for reelection in the province’s 1986 election. during his tenure in parliament, macwilliam earned a reputation as a rebellious partisan, often breaking with his caucus on votes.

the party’s official position was that the bill needed firm spending caps for referendum sides, which macwilliam disregarded in his vote. “[9] in his 1993 bid for re-election, macwilliam lost to darrel stinson of the reform party. [10] in 1997, macwilliam announced he would be joining the liberal party and contest his former seat in the 1997 federal election. “[5] this was despite his position as the party’s communications critic and decision to run again under the party’s banner. [5] in the general election, he was again defeated by stinson, placing second with only 175 fewer votes than he had received running as a new democrat in 1993.

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lyle dean macwilliam was a new democratic member of the house of commons of canada from 1988 to 1993, representing the constituency of okanagan-shuswap.nborn in vancouver, british columbia, the son of john michael macwilliam and doris louise coghill, macwilliam studied at simon fraser university. nutrisearch comparative guide to nutritional supplements for the americas (6th edition). by lyle macwilliam | . about lyle macwilliam i have created lots of books, especially in nutrition and supplement field. section i of this guide discusses the theories of aging and lyle dean macwilliam (born ) was a new democratic member of the house of commons of canada from 1988 to 1993, representing the constituency of, lyle macwilliam usana, lyle macwilliam usana.

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