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no matter how you spent it, entering your 30s is a big, exciting time in your life, and we’d be remiss to say it won’t come with a few changes. but adding a few of these changes to your routine is bound to make you feel like a spring chicken once again (and maybe even get yourself carded—woohoo!). mascara and eyeliner are great ways to make your eyes look open and wide, but harsh blacks and thick lines can have the opposite effect, making your makeup look too “done-up.” eye drops, however, brighten the eyes from the inside, so you immediately look awake without a stitch of makeup. then, just use a lightweight, creamy concealer (we love nars radiant creamy for this) to blend in with your skin tone and brighten. add your blush and bronzer farther back on your cheek, closer to the temple, where the face naturally has a bit more shine.

lightly dusting a little powder around the edges of your blush and bronzer will keep them from moving around while maintaining the glossy glow you love. whether your brows are naturally straight, have a high arch, or resemble that of cara delevigne, your natural shape is that for a reason, and it’s because it fits your features the best. you just have to go about it a little differently. heavy, thick powder highlighters you might have previously reached for do the opposite of making your skin look sunkissed and glowing the way a cream does. these kinds of lip products are taking over because they’re the perfect combination of glossy but not sticky, tinted but not opaque, hydrating but not messy.

the very nature of powder is to coat and mattify the skin. instead of powder, try using a setting spray instead, which will also give your skin a good drink whilst keeping makeup fresh on the face. try using a tinted moisturiser of cc+ cream which is a revolutionary concealer, foundation and moisturiser all in one. much like powder foundations, using powder highlighters and blush on more mature skin will leave it looking dry. for a more youthful look, stick to liquid based products, which create a glow on the skin and don’t dry out the skin. this is because the bottom lashes when coated in mascara draws attention to any lines, dark circles and dryness under the eye. try using a soft toned eyeliner to define the bottom of the area instead.

matte finish lip products dry super quick on the lips and if lips are already prone to being dry and flaky lips, the matte finish will make this stand out more. when women reach the age of twenty-five, natural collagen stops producing in the skin. this means, elasticity and hydration in the skin begins to drop, leaving skin to feel more dry more often and more prone to age spots, blemishes (yes even for over 35) and more wrinkles. using a good collagen rich moisturiser daily and a weekly collagen boost sheet mask will keep skin well hydration and youthful. she hopes to successfully run her own publication one day, but for now, she enjoys sharing her thoughts here on renae’s world about beauty and travel. pre-covid she travelled to all corners of the globe from santiago to singapore, paris, switzerland, mumbai, budapest and more foraging the world for great travel experiences. renae is a hotel consultant, and speaks about her global travel experiences, as she believes travel is the elixir for anyone hoping to find meaning and to develop an open heart and mind.

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