makeup tips for over 50s

there is a happiness and sunshine that radiates from their faces, a nod to good skincare, wellness, treatments, and, of course, makeup techniques. it’s with that thought in mind that i reached out to dr. janine delaney, a 50-year-old fitness expert, psychologist, and covergirl partner. with over a million followers on instagram and the type of toned body i know i’ll never have the discipline to achieve, i trust her when it comes to wellness. invest some time into finding and carrying out a simple, hydrating skincare routine for a smooth, hydrated base. “the easiest way to achieve that youthful, dewy look is with a little oil,” says delaney. matte makeup is great, but shine and tons of moisture will fill in any fine lines and smooth the look of your skin almost instantly.

delaney suggests you tap a very thin layer of eye primer to your lids to even out the tone, neutralizing any of those unwanted shades. “start with a good creamy foundation around the center of your face, which is usually where you’ll be looking for the most coverage,” says delaney. delaney recommends blending foundation outward towards your ears, hairline, and neck with a fluffy, flat brush for the evenest application, and to buff out any harsh lines. “take the brow gel wand and brush through your brows in an upward and outward motion to fill in sparse spots and to coat each hair,” delaney instructs. that way, you’ll beef up the look of your brows in just a few seconds, without any difficult products or formulas. all you have to do is apply a few spritzes post-application (i like to apply some to my beautyblender as well) and let it all set. instead, try dotting a pencil along your upper lash line and fill it in neatly with the pencil’s smudger sponge.

if you think that achieving a gorgeous, glowing makeup look is for the youth, think again. a fabulous face of makeup and a radiant complexion is possible at any age — you just have to take product choices and application techniques into consideration. it is a great way to make the eyes look more open than if you were to use a deep liner, which could make them appear closed off. the l’oréal paris age perfect satin glide eyeliner with mineral pigments in brown is a great choice because it has a smooth, creamy formula that doesn’t tug at the eyes. “draw the liner on a bit longer [at your outer corners] to accentuate your eye shape.” an effective way to create the appearance of elongated eyes is to create winged eyeliner.

“oftentimes, really emollient moisturizers will make your foundation pill or run.” a great moisturizer to layer under makeup is the l’oréal paris revitalift triple power day lotion spf 30. it’s a deeply hydrating pick that isn’t heavy or greasy — and it contains spf protection which is essential for all skin types, especially mature skin. on top, use a hydrating foundation formula that can be built up for more coverage as needed, like the l’oréal paris age perfect 4-in-1 tinted face balm foundation. sponges, like the l’oréal paris infallible blend artist foundation blender, are great for soaking up excess product to ensure your skin doesn’t look cakey. if you prefer a sheer, liquid blush formula that can be built up, you’ll love the l’oréal paris glow paradise lip and cheek tint. it’s a soft, powder formula that’s easy to blend onto the skin with a fluffy blush brush.

3. apply a concealer after your foundation 4. use powder sparingly 5. blusher – use a crème blush formula 6. add a bit of bronzer 7. fill in eyebrows 8. precisely my brow ($24), our favorite brow-filling and defining pencil, comes in grey! use liquid foundation, not powder. apply a light amount of foundation bobbi brown shares her top face-transforming makeup tips for women over 50 tip#1: always start with moisturized skin. tip#2: conceal any, makeup for 50 year old woman 2021, how to apply eye makeup for over 50, simple makeup for older ladies, simple makeup for older ladies, pictures of eye makeup for over 50.

, makeup tips for older women, makeup for over 50 – youtube. a guide to ageless makeup for women over 50, according to ancreate a glowing base. cover up conservatively. warm up the skin. sculpt and lift subtly. play up the eyes. take it easy on the brows. balance out the lips.

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