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no matter who performs a circumcision—an obstetrician at the hospital, or a mohel at a bris—the operation is more or less the same every time. first comes anesthetic, at least in the hospital. others administer a few drops of sugary syrup or sweet wine to help distract and sedate the baby. the first needle goes in under the pubic bone, where the nerves are. one or more injections follow, and those subsequent needles “go into numbed areas,” says dr. jed kaminetsky, a urologist. the opening at the tip of the foreskin is stretched and held open, usually with surgical clamps.

at this early stage of life, the foreskin is attached to the underlying skin by thin membranes, and has to be picked away, typically with a little sticklike tool. the mogen clamp—similar to the traditional rabbi’s tool known as a mogen shield—clasps the flattened foreskin between two wide, flat pieces of metal, and a scalpel is run along their face to trim away the foreskin. then the excess skin is trimmed off with surgical scissors, and the plastibell’s handle is snapped off and discarded. over the next several days, the remaining bit of foreskin withers and falls off, taking the string and plastibell with it. it’s a stainless-steel gizmo that allows the doctor or mohel to pull up the foreskin around a steel cap, tie it taut, and then slice neatly around the penile head. after the procedure, parents should check for bleeding every half-hour for the first few hours. parents should also check for fevers, which can indicate an infection, and keep an eye out for yellowish pus or any other evidence that the wound isn’t healing properly.

then the doctor or mohel makes a snip up the center of the foreskin with a pair of surgical the mohel supplies at mohel tools and supplies. for the professional mohel. for more details jewish circumcision gentler because of tools used connecticut post 08/21/97. hartford (ap) mohels, the deft practitioners of the ancient jewish rite of circumcision, appear to inflict less pain on, mohel training, mohel training, mogen clamp, brit milah, mohel salary. traditionally, the mohel uses a scalpel to circumcise the newborn. today, doctors and some non-orthodox mohalim use a perforating clamp before they cut the skin. under jewish law, a mohel must draw blood from the circumcision wound. the procedure can take anywhere from 30 to 60 seconds with the mogen clamp to 10 minutes with the plastibell; most mohels use one of the clamps.

“if you were a mohel, tell me, what would you put in your window?” an image of circumcision tools. it turns out that mohels not only have one of the most peculiar professions in the jewish world, but it is actually the most important device a mohel could own. it is called a shield – in hebrew, a “, moyle tool, mohel circumcision procedure, mohel jokes, mohel near me

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