monday health tips

sure the weekend’s over, but there is something to celebrate—a recent study published in the american journal of preventive medicine found that monday is the healthiest day of the week. here, i have some tips that will help you establish a healthy baseline for the rest of your week. gretchen rubin, author of the happiness project, recommends always exercising on monday. starting the week off with a game plan will help keep you on track for the rest of the week.

you may even want to spend a few hours on sunday night prepping your lunches and dinners for the week ahead.6254a4d1642c605c54bf1cab17d50f1e a recent study performed by the obesity society found that plant-based diets showed higher weight loss than conventional diets, without emphasizing caloric restriction. in her new book the doctor’s book of natural health remedies, author peg moline stresses the importance of un-stressing to maintain a healthy weight. deep sleep, on the other hand, fuels production of the fat-burning human growth hormone (hgh). so, take a load off, enjoy a healthy meat-free dinner, and walk away the stress of the day.

i see each monday as a mini new year and the opportunity to start fresh. most people start the new year feeling happy and optimistic. when restarting well-balanced nutrition, in may 2015, i knew it was time to rekindle that love of monday to share an empowering, motivational, and health-focused message with our well-balanced nutrition tribe (that’s you!). i designate every monday as my admin time and make it very sacred time to get all the businessy stuff accomplished. slightly odd that this is my happiness; however, i feel grateful to have the time to focus on what needs to get done and i feel so accomplished when i check those tasks off my to-do list!

it’s amazing what you can learn in a 10-20 minutes inspiring video. often, we get a little too liberal on the weekends and feel the need do penance to the diet gods on monday for being “bad” over the weekend. instead, i enjoy avocado toast w/ a fried egg and yummy fruit – nom nom nom! even if there’s not much time, include a 10-minute walk around the block before you head to work, a brisk walk during the first 15 minutes of your lunch break, or ending a long work day with a brief stretching session with i choose to believe that monday is the best and therefore i wake up with a positive attitude every monday morning because anything is possible.

depending on size of bars cut about 170 cal and 32 g protein per serving! homemade protein bars: 7 scoops omni fit vanilla protein powder, 2 c quick oats, 5 t 4 steps to make mondays awesome 2. include positive brainwashing. 3. eat something well-balanced and delicious. 4. get moving. staying hydrated is crucial for improving sleep quality, cognition, and mood. so, start your monday with a glass of warm water, sit back and, .

breadcrumb 1. create a positive affirmation and repeat it throughout the day. 2. don’t work through your lunch break. 3. practice waiting with patience. related news plan out your meals: on mondays, set a meal plan in advance. shop in advance: by shopping for your weekend on mondays, you can one of my top healthy lifestyle tips is to “make it happen monday”. countless studies show that when we make our exercise (or any healthy choice) happen on, .

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