nails with line on tip

he first described the condition in the british medical journal in 1956. the exact cause of muehrcke’s lines is not clearly understood. the lines have been linked to low levels of a protein called albumin. albumin is found in the blood. albumin plays an important role in many body functions.

although low albumin level is most commonly linked to liver disease, many different systemic (body-wide) diseases can cause low albumin levels. muehrcke’s lines have been seen in people with: one possible theory for the appearance of muehrcke’s lines is that these diseases lead to swelling in the nail bed. the lines have also been seen in older people receiving chemotherapy who have normal albumin levels. the lines tend to go away when your albumin level returns to normal, or near normal. always talk to your doctor about your test results.

this condition is called a splinter hemorrhage because it may look like a wood splinter under your nail. these are usually not harmful, but they may be a symptom of a cancer called subungual melanoma. trauma is one of the most common causes of splinter hemorrhages. endocarditis is a heart condition that may cause splinter hemorrhages. you may experience other serious heart conditions as a result of endocarditis. psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that can manifest as silvery plaques, or scales on the skin. if you suspect the splinter hemorrhage is the cause of a more serious health condition, you should contact your doctor for an appointment. when you see your doctor, expect them to take a medical history and perform a physical exam.

if the splinter hemorrhage is a sign of another medical condition, you should see your doctor for treatment. the health conditions causing splinter hemorrhages are quite different, so there is no standard treatment to improve the nail condition. if you experience symptoms in addition to the nail condition, you should see your doctor for a thorough examination and diagnosis. if you experience splinter hemorrhages or other nail conditions without a reasonable explanation, it may be a sign that you should see your doctor. as you age, you may develop vertical ridges, or your nails may be a bit more brittle. while it… natural deodorant may sound like a great idea, but many don’t get the job done. everyone needs to wear sunscreen, but finding a nonirritating sunscreen can be a challenge for those with sensitive skin. polymorphous light eruption is a condition that causes your skin to react to uv light. see pictures of this rash and learn the causes, symptoms, risk factors, and when to talk to… notalgia paresthetica (np) is a disorder that causes mild to severe itching between your shoulder blades.

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