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anyways, there is no denying that he is one of the best soccer players in the world, and someone many of you have asked me to research. neymar follows a healthy diet, but tends to love carbohydrates and plenty of food throughout the day to fuel his grueling training – which means cyclical ketosis and intermittent fasting are likely out for this one. according to spanish publication sport, the trickster, without enough iron in his blood, has been given a protein shake to build up his strength again. but before you start drinking all you can of your shakes at home, this isn’t your regular granular drink…  the reason it is called ‘magic’ by staff, is that even without much weight training or a regime, neymar has gained 2kg and is almost back to full fitness. when neymar joined barcelona to team up with lionel messi, the club designed a training regime for the youngster, which included lots of rest and weights.

according to neymar, the training ensures that players are totally fit and in perfect form for a 90-minute match. ‘when we don’t have matches we do a lot more gym work,’ says neymar, ‘but during the season a lot of your training comes on the pitch.’ his first workout consists of stretching followed by flexibility and strength-building exercises. a pillar skip is style of running, with your feet high in the air. all these workouts are designed to enhance quick movement over the pitch and also build up core strength, a primary requisite for a professional footballer. if you feel confident enough you can get enough activity and cardio in being active doing something like hiking, tennis, or some type of other movement…do it!

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