nick symmonds marathon training

for months i have been training to run my first marathon and on sunday at 5 am the gun goes off at the 2017 honolulu marathon. i’ve always strived to share my running knowledge with the running community and today is no different. i had some weeks totaling over 60 miles for the week and some weeks where i didn’t run a step. this is far less than i’d like to have averaged and i’m sure to pay the price during the last few miles of this marathon. my longest run completed up to this point is 15 miles, so everything past that will be uncharted territory for me. the average marathoner will take 33,000 steps to complete 26.2 miles. i will be racing in my brooks running levitate (review here). i’m hoping the extra weight/foam will keep my legs running all the way to the end. certainly the idea of consuming anything while racing never crossed my mind.

it took me a while to get the hang of it, but thanks to gu energy labs and run gum, i now have a winning formula. i will start the race with three packs of gu and one pack run gum in my pocket. one of the most surprising things i found while preparing for this race is how supportive the marathoning community is! i hope to be able to offer some words of encouragement to my fellow runners this sunday during the race. this refers to an activity that is somewhat miserable while taking place, but looking back on it you recall the event with nothing but happiness and good memories. the last few miles of the 2017 honolulu may be the same for me. either way, bring it on!! if you guess my finishing time to the second, you will win a free pair of brooks levitate running shoes and a year supply of run gum. enter your guess by clicking the link below!

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