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we’ve already established that celebrities seem to possess a gene that allows them to be confident without an ounce of makeup on. though we might be biased, we love the ability makeup has to transform a face, as well as the more low-key ability it has to make us appear chipper and wide-awake even when we’re anything but. check out a step-by-step tutorial on how to nail the no-makeup makeup look. monroe says the trick to a fresh, even complexion lies in your choice of concealer brush. for dark circles, however, she suggests patting it in with your finger: “then just finish with a light dusting of translucent powder in your t-zone and you’re good to go with color!” “for bright, wide-awake eyes, start with a cream eyeshadow in a shade as close as possible to your skin tone,” monroe says. monroe’s tried-and-true trick to instantly open up your eyes?

popping a color like this on the tear duct and blending in toward the center of the lid will wake you up faster than a shot of espresso (on the outside, at least). as for mascara, she suggests adding a coat to the top lashes only, and brushing your brows up and away from your face with a spoolie or clear brow gel like anastasia beverly hills’ clear brow gel. (speaking of which, here’s a simple guide to getting the best brows of your life). to nail the natural look, monroe suggests imagining where your face flushes after exercise and using that as your guide. start at the apple of your cheeks and blend back and upward toward your hairline, keeping most of the color in the front of your face for a youthful look. a creamy formula that melts into the skin instead of sitting on top of it and leaving a trail of glitter the way some powders do is best for minimal makeup days. adding a tint of color to your lips. “a gorgeous, natural way to go with lip color is a tinted balm,” monroe says.

it strikes the perfect balance between au naturel and polished—like you just so happened to wake up bright and refreshed (along with a strong brow game). that might mean incorporating a hydrating toner into the rotation, sure, but you also want to keep your base bouncy and lightweight. that includes a brightening eye cream (we repeat: skin care is the first step), and using concealer to your advantage. pro tip: apply it in the inner corner of your under-eye first (where people tend to have the most discoloration), sheer it out, then follow with a regular concealer on top to set. concealer is also the “no-makeup look” version of a highlighter: “extend your concealer slightly over the tops of the cheekbones for a very natural, subtle highlight,” says compton. if you don’t have a multiple on-hand, no sweat: aunique recommends a creamy nude or peach-toned lipstick on the cheeks for some subtle color (clean, natural options are typically loaded with good-for-you ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin e, so it should be a-ok to tap one into the apples of your cheeks).

do this a few times at the base of your lashes to build the formula up and achieve your desired level of intensity. to keep it natural, brush up those hairs with a dry spoolie to your desired shape. then set with a swipe of brow gel (whether tinted or clear), and you’re good to go. if you opted for a lipstick-turned-blush on your cheeks, feel free to tap in the creamy shade on your lips as well—either leave it alone for a super-natural color, or top with lip oil for some sheen. makeup should be fun, even if the final look is minimal. in her role at mbg, she reports on everything from the top beauty industry trends, to the gut-skin connection and the microbiome, to the latest expert makeup hacks.

for any stubborn blemishes, gently pat on a touch of concealer using your finger or a small brush. if your skin type is more dry, use a hydrating setting spray final tips and tricks. don’t be afraid to use your hands: skip the brushes, aunique says; opt for your (clean!) if you simply can’t skip the how to achieve the ‘no makeup makeup’ look 3. curl your eyelashes 4. tame your eyebrows 5. bronze bronze bronze ! 6. widen your eyes to look more alive with, no makeup makeup kit, no makeup makeup kit, no makeup makeup routine, no makeup makeup look before and after, natural makeup look.

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