november wellness tips

thanksgiving is a day where we gather with friends and family to give thanks. thanksgiving is also a day that often revolves around food and begins a long food-filled holiday season.  for those that have a fitness goal or are working towards healthier habits, thanksgiving might feel like more of a battle than anything else. according to the article wellness warriors of wayne state university a recent study found that on average most people only gain about 1 pound over the entire holiday season (thanksgiving to new year’s day).  so there is no reason to stress about weight gain during the holidays especially not over what you eat on one single day. it is possible to have a healthy thanksgiving without feeling deprived. it’s all about balance – enjoy yourself without overdoing it. here are some useful tips that will allow you to enjoy thanksgivings while keeping your health/ fitness goals in sight:

shorter days and colder weather can lead to some bad habits. your health is important throughout all stages of life, and throughout the entire year. indoor air quality is often lower than the quality of the air outdoors. indoor air pollutants and allergens can have a negative effect on your health. washing your hands is a simple and effective way to help prevent the spread of germs and stay healthy.

washing your hands can only do so much, and it’s next to impossible to completely prevent the spread of germs. hearty foods may offer comfort when it’s cold outside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t eat healthy during the winter. people don’t typically associate dehydration with winter, but you can get dehydrated regardless of the temperature outside. your body loses a lot of fluid during the cold, dry winter months, and many are less diligent about hydration. bundle up in weather-appropriate layers and enjoy a walk, or join a gym to get the exercise you need indoors. scheduling annual visits with your doctor is one of the best things you can do to maintain good health and wellness.

this season you and your family can also release some stress by doing something good for your community. why not volunteer as a family at the local soup be sun safe wear long-sleeved shirts and pants, a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, and broad spectrum sunscreen with at least spf-15. during national nutrition month and all year long, create a healthy eating plan. eat five fruits and vegetables a day. consume healthy snacks, such as a small, fall health tips, fall health tips, september wellness tips, fall health issues, healthy fall habits.

staying clean and clear this season along with a healthy immune system will help keep you well. try a facial steam and breathe in the herbal mist (you can use avoid checking your email and watching tv. focus on food awareness. eat slowly and deliberately. enjoy the appearance, texture, smell and taste of your food., september health tips, october fitness tips, fall nutrition topics, cdc, what is wellness?. 8 autumn & winter wellness tips1) boost your immune system! 2) take some time to yourself. 3) buy seasonal foods. 4) stay active! 5) do some u201cspring cleaningu201d in the autumn. 6) keep a schedule. 7) listen to your body. 8) get yourself ready for daylight saving time.

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