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alongside that rise in distrust — and likely, the ftc ruling that insists that a distributor’s ability to make money “must depend on whether participants sell products, not on whether they can recruit additional distributors to buy products” — comes a seemingly new proliferation of loaded tea-slinging nutrition clubs. she started looking for a space that could house her nutrition club, and continued to use herbalife products, drinking two shakes a day as a meal replacement. and every new customer that comes in to buy a mystic mermaid has the potential of being a new downline.

each time, she says they’d get an email from the company about how long they had to remedy the mistake before their distributorship would be placed on “hold” and sent a warning of future fines or a “termination” of their distributorship. we had gotten really close to these people — our upline was someone that we invited to our wedding — and all of a sudden it was just gone,” she says. with that success came a ton of backlash from herbalife distributors in the comments of their videos, who insisted that these “dupe” recipes were made with inferior ingredients and couldn’t match the health benefits of a tea made with herbalife products. but after seeing the impact of the company’s business model and experiencing harassment from herbalife distributors, she’s now on a mission to show people how to make their own loaded teas at home, without any mlm ingredients.

to her point, not all of the loaded teas advertised online contain actual tea. herbalife agreed to the settlement, but maintained that many of the claims against it were factually incorrect. she started receiving questions from clients and local fitness studios about the efficacy of loaded teas, so she decided to take a closer look. “it’s just a bunch of powders that they mix up with these unnatural colors and flavors that seem desirable.” prepare now to be loaded with energy for the week!

be sure to ask us how to join the 3 & 21 day step into fitness challenges and making these from home or on the go with our vip membership! many of these shops also have the word “nutrition” in their names, with examples including twickenham nutrition, wild nutrition and ad astra nutrition. for example, many nutrition clubs posting on instagram claim that loaded teas contain zero sugar and some say they are keto friendly. the nutritionists also said people can consider making their own version of a loaded tea at home using ingredients they are familiar with.

at first, the business was successful, selling upwards of 20 teas in flavors like strawberry margarita, jamaican me happy, and love story, per we proudly offer: •healthy meal replacement shakes. •healthy loaded energy teas. •and so much more. come by & grab one of our healthy (& delicious) meal replacement shakes, loaded teas, or protein 4640 shore drive suite #106, virginia beach, va 23455., .

according to the nutritional labels for herbalife’s liftoff and herbal tea concentrate, these drinks would appear to be chock full of vitamins b shakes and teas providing you energy & fuel without the crash. nutrition tavern is a true health bar focused on bringing real nutrition and community to welcome to herbalife nutrition – a global leader in meal replacement protein shakes, dietary supplements and skin care products., .

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