oval nails with colored tips

she currently serves as the chief educator of paintbox, a top nail studio in nyc. whether you’re unable to get to a salon at the moment or too slammed to invest time in a diy, we feel you. nevertheless, as the beauty lovers that we are, we believe that it’s important to take time for self-care. if you’ve been letting your nails grow out, filing them into long, ovular shapes will be a cinch. if you love the look of stiletto nails but are worried about having sharp talons, opt for this oval nail look that’s quite the illusion. coral and peach polishes combine with high-shine crystals for a negative space nail look we can’t take our eyes off of. this nude mani is embellished with intricate, sticker-like designs that make a nail art extravaganza that even minimalists can get on board with. we love how the base is nothing but a sheer wash of glitter.

since the polish isn’t extended all the way to the base of the nail, it’s the perfect low-maintenance mani for those who want to camouflage grow-out. a neutral base topped off with a single golden stripe makes for an elongated oval mani that immediately draws the eye in. section off your tips and use a piece of nail tape to split each tip in half. of course, creating such a nail look will require scheduling a nail appointment—unless you’re a pro yourself, that is. these ones have a jelly effect that makes them look even juicier. start with a nude base and, once dry, trace overlapping gold glitter lines diagonally across each nail. ready to put your nail skills to the test? paint each nail white (or whatever color you prefer) and wait to remove the stickers until they’re fully dry. at first glance, these oval nails might look like a classic french mani, but the closer you look, the quicker you’ll realize that one edge extends down the side of each nail.

mmkay, so almond nails and coffin nails might have all the hype right now, but let me turn your attention real quick to a classic favorite and very underrated nail shape: the oval. if you can’t help but associate the shape with the one your grandma wears (no shade—love you, grams), then take a scroll through the 16 design ideas below to convince you that oval nails will always be timeless and, more importantly, really freakin’ pretty. swapping out the classic white, gray, and black polishes with colors of the rainbow should do the trick. this modern take on the classic design looks extra dreamy paired with an oval nail shape. sometimes all you need for an interesting nail art look is a little sliver of polish, which is great news for those of us who still don’t know how to paint our nails with our nondominant hands. the faces fit especially well on oval nails (hint, hint). the bright design on these oval nail tips is open to interpretation. who knows. you know what’s a fun word to say?

you know what’s a fun nail design? throw in some pastel colors and you’ve got yourself a fun spring nail look. unlike other nail shapes, you don’t need super-long nails to pull off the oval shape. knowing that someone made this realistic-looking tie-dye design with nail polish and i can’t even tie-dye a t-shirt. i urge you to press play on this vid to get the full effect of these oval nails. don’t know what i like most about this nail look: the exaggerated oval shape, the clear nail extension style of manicure, or the cool gold band across the middle. when you want a little color but not so much that you’ll want to remove it the next day, go with matte polish in muted earthy tones, like this. who would’ve thought neon splatter paint and gold polish paint drips would go together so well? when you just want a little somethin’-somethin’, go with a neutral or white nail polish for your base coat and a touch of gold foil for good measure.

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