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this isn’t a “list of rules” but just some tips gleaned from experience that i want to share with new traceurs and traceuses (the term for people who do parkour). i’ve done that and slammed my arm into a wall and been temporarily paralyzed (like for a few minutes). you’ll learn the essential movements, and a $20 class can save you $1,000 in medical bills if you mess things up while figuring things out. i once at a giant plate of brisket and then went to train…nearly threw up. 5. train at your own pace/listen to your body. when i listen to my instructor, sometimes i’ll run out of breath or do a move i’m not ready for and injure myself. watching other traceurs pull off a movement that you’ve never tried gives you confidence to try it. jams are basically giant meetup groups for traceurs. it’s a great place to meet people and there is a lot of camaraderie. if you have a parkour gym near you, use it! it’s a great way to learn movement you’d be too intimidated to try by yourself on concrete. essentially you want a good running shoe that is light, has a lot of grip, and not too much padding. ideally you’re wearing lightweight sweatpants that aren’t too long and a lightweight long sleeve t-shirt.

that protects your knees and elbows better than the shorter variants. you don’t have to start off doing precision jumps 6 feet in the air. get good at it and only then move up higher. this is an entirely separate post, but start by understanding the core set of movements and then build from that foundation. warming up helps you stay injury free. that order seems to work best for me and others i know. i sometimes forget this and i usually regret it. it’s important to combat soreness and to increase your flexibility. don’t keep pushing yourself at the end of your training session, that’s when you’re more prone to moves that create injuries. this is important to keep your hands from getting ripped up when doing bar work. parkour isn’t learned in a single session—i’ve been actively training for months (and casually for years) and i’m still learning to do movements i have never done before. i take two normal advil before bed when i train at night and that helps me to fall asleep faster. delayed onset muscle soreness sucks.

22 parkour tips for beginners 1. always check your surfaces. 2. don’t show off with movements parkour is a natural method for training the human body to be able to leap and show 8 more tips. parkour for beginner’s guide. balls of the feet, shoulder-width apart, knees over the tips of your, parkour tips minecraft, parkour tips minecraft, parkour tips roblox, parkour training, parkour moves. parkour entails a lot of vertical movement. high jumps can be painful if you don\’t know how to land properly or safely fall, then end with a move. you should start off with a jump between 1/2 a meter to 1 meter.

is it possible to do it without relizing? yo • 7 years ago. really want to learn parkour and this tip once you’ve seen the sweet moves of a parkour adept cruising at high speed through the city, vaulting, couch to parkour, parkour fundamentals, parkour gym, can you learn parkour on your own

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