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rice cakes are a popular snack that has become a pantry staple. these snacks are made from puffed rice pressed together to form a circular cake. while it’s a simple snack, there’s more to know about the health effects of rice cakes. rice grain is a good source of carbohydrates and proteins. whole brown rice has more nutrients like protein, lipids, minerals, and vitamins than refined white rice, because they’re stripped away during the refining process. try to eat them in moderation, and add nutrients with healthy toppings. rice cakes are a good mini-snack to hold you over in between meals. a healthy snack, like a rice cake with nut butter, can be a filling in-between snack. eating brown rice regularly is great for your fiber intake.

a rice cake made from brown rice can be healthier for you. rice cakes are a high glycemic index food, along with things like crackers, bagels, cakes, doughnuts, croissants, and white bread. eating a lot of these foods may raise your risk of some health conditions. certain rice cakes, like those coated in chocolate, have a lower nutritional value. choosing a plain brown rice cake and topping it with fruit or nutritional nut butter can be healthier and more filling. cottage cheese is a good source of protein, and avocado has good fat. topping with 2 tablespoons of hummus and ½ cup of sliced cucumbers is a healthy way to add flavor to your rice cake. hummus is a good source of protein and fiber. greek yogurt is a good source of protein. you can also add a dollop of honey to make it even sweeter.

rice cakes were a popular snack during the low fat craze of the nineties — but you may wonder whether you should still be eating them as a snack. some of the benefits of rice cakes are that they’re low in calories, they’re typically gluten-free, and they’re sometimes made with whole grains. it may feel like you’re eating more because the air in the rice cakes helps make you feel full, but the flip side is that in order to save calories, you’ll need to stick to a reasonable portion size of rice cake. if you’re in a place where your favorite gluten-free products are unavailable, you will likely be able to find rice cakes in any mainstream grocery store.

if you have diabetes, it’s best to stick to one serving and add healthy protein, fat, and fiber to reduce the effects on your blood sugar. a variety of rice cakes are available to purchase. whether you eat fully vegan or are simply interested in reducing animal products in your diet, coming up with plant-based snacks can be challenging… having a healthy snack on hand can help you add nutrients to your diet and feel less hungry when you sit down to a meal. here are the 15 best late-night snacks that may even help you sleep… arsenic is a toxic substance found in some foods, especially rice and rice-based products. this article explains what you need to know… researchers say high fructose corn syrup found in many foods and beverages can increase the risk of certain types of liver disease

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