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i’ll do my best to answer or point you in the direction of a fellow rkc leader who can help. what many first time rkc hopefuls don’t account for is that the snatch test will occur after already having completed hundreds of swings, countless overhead presses and a plethora of skill refining corrective exercises. hand care is of utmost importance, as is the correct kettlebell. single mold cast iron bells do not have a bump or ridge on the bottom of the handle. flip callus shaver over to the gritty sand paper side and shave 20-30 seconds on both hands. no record setting here… *all the above exercises are done with a 16kg kettlebell.

*fast n’ loose between sets of swings x1 tgu per side with 24-32kg (based on current level of strength) by using strict form you’ll know the appropriate weight to utilize. if you perform x2 clean and presses, perform x2 pull ups and so on; if you cannot yet do pull ups, supplement the number of pulls ups with seconds for a flexed arm hang. for the first 2-3 months, pick one sunday per month grab a 24kg, set the timer for 5-minutes and: clean and get-it-overhead (without setting the bell down). the purpose of this is to develop mobility, stability and comfort with the rkc standards. once the 2-3 month mark hits, practice this snatch progression in place of the 5-minute clean and get-it-overhead: start over with a heavier bell if you achieve 100 strict snatches in 5-minutes. a word to the wise: if you are not sure of the rkc standards, hire a local rkc to help you prepare.

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