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looking fab at over 50, sridevi has a big secret behind her time-defying beauty and amazing body… a superstar and a proud mother of two lovely daughters, sridevi has it in her to charm her audience. she just seems to look more beautiful as the years pass by. her customised fitness and beauty tips have worked wonders for her and guess what, also sound doable! i play outdoor games with my children like tennis, and i try to be regular with my power yoga. lots of water, plenty of yoga and exercise and a glass of fresh fruit juice is how sridevi maintains her glowing complexion and fabulous body. she combines it with cardio exercises and keeps up her daily fitness regimen five days a week. this international yoga day, why don’t you take a leaf out of her book and embrace your own beauty. sridevi starts her day with two glasses of warm water infused with lemon and honey and follows up with herbal tea. for breakfast, she has a bowl of oatmeal or muesli with dry fruits, honey and skimmed milk, followed by fresh vegetable juice. apart from these, she snacks every two hours on whole fruits, peanuts and goats’ cheese with multi-grain crackers.

her only weakness is dark chocolate. if you too are planning to switch to a healthier diet – congratulations! true beauty is when you’re glowing with happiness, says the gorgeous screen siren. sridevi’s beauty regimen includes regular head and hair oil massages that are responsible for her thick and lustrous tresses. she doesn’t dye her hair with different colours either. regular spa sessions and fruit face packs have helped her keep her skin glowing and youthful. sridevi has a few helpful tips to offer when it comes to make-up. not one to overdo it with cosmetics, she always keeps it low-key and strongly recommends removing all traces of make-up before going to bed. the highlight of her beautiful look is her eyes, which she lays more emphasis on by using kajal and black eye shadow for a smoky look. her relationship with yoga has become her biggest asset and allows her to keep calm, fit and healthy.

she was considered to be the first female superstar because of her beauty and her acting skills. she is a legend and has millions of fans all over the world. she follows a proper diet and keeps herself fit with power yoga. sridevi believes in growing old gracefully and thus she never puts on much of makeup and in turn, that is what makes her look younger. she recommends face packs of fruits and keeps her regular makeup really low. she passes on a very important advice of cleaning makeup before going off to sleep. she often gets her head and hair massaged which keeps her it nourished. she keeps her hair natural and doesn’t dye them with different colors.

sridevi likes to wear a lot of different shades for lipsticks but she never goes overboard and definitely doesn’t make a blunder. she has also been seen in lip glosses which are mostly in pink and brown and they give her a cool look especially during her regular step outs. she perfectly lines up her eye with kajal and stresses on light colors for the lids. to pop them up she users shimmer and pearlescent sheen which grad the light on the lid and below the brow bone. sridevi starts off her day with two glasses of lukewarm water along with lemon and after a while, drinks a cup of herbal tea. for lunches she prefers a lot of salads and at times enjoys smoked or grilled salmon, tofu or even feta cheese. she likes sautéed peanuts, fruits, goat cheese with multi grain crackers and even a dark chocolate for snacks. most importantly she keeps herself happy and content as that is what is being fit and healthy for her.

just what exactly makes her glow with happiness? sridevi’s beauty regimen includes regular head and hair oil massages that are responsible for 1. keeping it natural: everybody puts on makeup and makes themselves look pretty but sridevi believes that staying happy is the most important thing, which take a bowl and add some mashed papaya (make sure you are using ripped papayas for this face pack). apply this all over your face and neck. keep, .

“have lots of water and liquids in general. include ample fruits and vegetables in your diet and no fried or oily food”, she adds. beauty and make-up secrets:. – keep reading to know female superstar sridevi beauty tips, makeup, hair, skin, diet and fitness secrets which she opens up with. wipe clean with a towel dipped in warm water and then pat dry. avocado contains antioxidants which reverse the effects of pollution, and also, . sridevi’s beauty secrets:for better blood circulation, sridevi follows a routine of regular hair oil massage and avoids using excessive chemical based products. eyeliner, lip-gloss and her la prairie platinum cream are the only makeup items she requires to get ready!

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